Salem Ridge Press {TOS review}

I never miss the opportunity to read a good book, no matter how many, many years ago it was written even if it was in the late 1800s or early 1900s. Salem Ridge Press has reached back into time and brought back to life titles that were published during those periods that promote Godly character, extraordinary moral values and good story telling. They are conscious of the level of intimacy of the characters in the books, so modesty and purity are also characteristics they work to promote with their readers.

“I sometimes joke that our number one rule is, ‘no kissing’,” said Daniel Mills, a homeschool graduate and founder of Salem Ridge Press.

As a mother whose children will not be allowed to marry until they are 50, that is totally alright with me.

We had the opportunity to review a paperback of A Sea Queen’s Sailing by Charles W. Whistler that was originally published in 1906. The story is set in 935 A.D. and takes its readers through Scotland, Ireland and Norway. It is written for readers as young as 12 to adult. The book has high-sea adventure, bravery and reminds us that chivalry really is not dead as we meet Malcom the Jarl (chieftan), Irish Prince Dalfin and Bertric the English Thane.

Malcom loses his family at the beginning of the story when his home is attacked and set on fire by Heidrek the Seafarer and his Viking bandits. After being taken captive by Heidrek, the three manage to escape and eventually, their paths cross that of Queen Gerda. She is in need of assistance in regaining her thrown that has been taken over by her cousin Arnkel. Despite the danger the three men are still under as they continue to elude Heidrek, they vow to protect and return Gerda to her rightful position as Queen.

We used A Sea Queen’s Sailing as a read-a-loud. The story moves steadily and keeps you engaged. It is descriptive and I paused every few minutes to be sure that River, Lily and Canyon were still with me as I read. They were able to keep up and when we finished reading each evening, I had them give me a recap of what I read. We could not get to the queen soon enough, who finally makes her appearance (SPOLIER ALLERT) in chapter four.

There was a slight difference in the usage of some of the language (ex: thwart = seat and flitting = transporting) and also the use of words we were not familiar with (ex: jarl = chieftan and lubber = clumsy sailor), but at the bottom of several pages throughout the book are translations for those words that explained how the word was used in the context of the story.

We are still reading through the book, which we are all enjoying. Even my six year old asks if we are going to read the queen book before going to bed.

As my children have gotten older, I have been unable to keep up with the pace of reading they do. What that means is I am unable to review every single book they read. Because I don’t want my speed to slow them down from enjoying a good book, it is wonderful to have a publishing company like Salem Ridge Press that is diligent about its review process when considering books to include in their book listing.

They publish books of historical fiction, allegory, for young readers. You may also see their complete listing of books, which include ones for children as young as six.

A Sea Queen’s Sailing is available in paperback for $14.95 and as a hardcover for $24.95. You may read the first chapter to get a feel for the book.

You can read more reviews of this item by fellow crew members on The Homeschool Crew Blog.

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