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Doing it naturally is how we prefer to do it in our home. Taking any type of medicine is usually the last resort, but sometimes, it is necessary. Because we prefer healthy alternatives, when we learn of products that may accomplish what traditional and commercial products may do with a healthier twist, then it is something we like to pursue.

Beeyoutiful is a company that not only believes in “doing it naturally,” but also reminding people that they are the ones who are responsible for taking care of their health. They recognize that assistance from a doctor may sometimes be necessary, but offer, through the products they carry, another means of keeping the body healthy.

The goal of the company is to ”eventually carry every natural product we use.” So far, they appear to be doing a good job as the products available on their website include make-up, skin care, vitamins and more to help your family care for itself naturally.

We had the opportunity to use the Beeyoutiful Product Set, which gave us a variety of natural products to try. Included with the set is a Beeyoutiful Views DVD, which introduces us to Stephanie Tallent of Beeyoutiful and Beeyoutiful Skin. She shares the uses of the products as well as how they have benefitted her family.
There were four items in the set we received:

Berry Well
Berry Well is an organic Elderberry Syrup that contains Propolis, raw honey and Echinacea. Although I wasn’t familiar with Propolis, the raw honey and Echinacea are familiar names to me.

We have yet to hit the flu season, but allergies seem to run year-around here. River and I were the taste testers for this product. Whenever I try anything new, especially when it comes to “medicine,” I am kind of slow. I will admit that I was a little afraid to try it. That is just a “me thing.”

Berry Well actually is quite tasty and quite sweet (probably the raw honey} where you may not realize you are taking something to cure or prevent. I did feel better after taking it while suffering from allergies, but chose not to use it regularly. As I stated, I use products only when I absolutely have to.

It is suggested that you use Berry Well when you’re sick or regularly to “stay well.”

Beeyoutiful All Natural Lip Moisturizer
I found myself using the lip moisturizer because the weather is already calling for it. It is available in peppermint or orange flavor and we tried the orange. It smells really good. The balm is thin in application and I found that I had to apply it more frequently throughout the day. Regardless, I like that it isn’t waxy and I kept it conveniently on hand for use.

Miracle Skin Salve
Miracle Skin Salve was the next product we had and considering it is to be spread on an area, I like that it is not strong in scent. It is suggested that the product be used on cuts, abrasions, minor burns, skin surgery sites, insect bites and I could go on. The salve stayed in my kitchen for quick accessibility. Fortunately, we had no burns, but there were plenty of cuts and bites (the mosquitos are just plain crazy) to use the salve on. We saw healing results using the salve.

It was because of the Ow!-Ease that I chose this product set to review. I have an area on back that is uncomfortable. It could be either a strained muscle, pulled ligament (I’m not really sure what’s back there). I will say that it has been soothing to use Ow!-Ease. I will have to get back with you on whether or not it is truly the power of Ow!-Ease or just some really concentrated massaging in the area.

I think the biggest take-away from using Beeyoutiful products is that whenever we used any of the products, it was a great comfort not having to worry about the chemicals and side effects of whatever I was using on or putting inside of my family. It was nice to have something natural to go to for relief rather than being dependent on a chemical-based item.

The items in the Beeyoutiful product set are available as follows: Berry Well, $19.75; lip moisturizer, $3; Miracle Skin Salve, $15 (2 oz.) and $25 (4 oz.); and Ow!-Ease, $15. The Beeyoutiful Views DVD is available for $3.

You can read more reviews of this item by fellow crew members on The Homeschool Crew Blog.

Disclaimer: The product featured in this review was provided to me in exchange for an honest review by the manufacturer or representing PR agency as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew. The opinions expressed are my own.
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  • Comment from Tiffany

    I love natural products. We have a natural store close to me and I can never get out of there without spending over $100. Which reminds me I need to stock up on a few things for the season.
    Tiffany recently posted..A Few Days In Spain Part 1

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