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Zane Education states that they realize the importance of investing in the education of children and that they have “The Missing Piece©” (videos with sub-titles and closed caption). Well, they have put together a resourceful website full of videos, quizzes, study tools and lesson plans to aid any teacher in the instruction on just about every subject taught in school.

Their approach is simple with a focus on instruction through visual learning using online educational video. The lessons are presented in a video where the student may watch it as a regular video, listen to it with the audio narration, or read it with the sub-titles (except for the math videos) that are provided on the screen. Through one of those presentation approaches, the lessons are ones that will capture the attention and provide different ways for any student to process the information.


The videos are geared towards students in kindergarten through the twelfth grades and also cater to ESL students and ones with special needs. The student may stop and start the video at any point as needed for comprehension and they are also able to view them repeatedly.

Below is a listing of the subjects that are covered and the range of grades that the material covers. Within each topic, there are so many choices of videos to watch.

See a the list of available videos within each subject. There are more than enough videos for the student to thoroughly cover any subject.

There is also a “Christian companion” — a Christian Learning Guide — with a listing of available videos and resources that are college-prep material.

There is also a study center with resources for the student to use for further study on a subject or topic. Some of the resources include a world fact book: people, history, government, etc. facts; dictionary; thesaurus; see more.

The subtitles and closed caption are excellent for students with disabilities – - reading difficulty, visual issues, etc.

There is a video log, which gives you a listing of all of the videos available for viewing on the site. It not only provides titles, but also provides you with the length of the video so you may be sure that it fits into your time slot of study.

There is a star icon next to each video listing that changes colors when it is viewed so you may keep track of what your student has watched.

There are about 23,000 questions available in the program with the online quizzes, which also meet state and national standards. That provides quite a variety of options for “testing” and ensuring that the student is comprehending the information he is watching. Quiz scores may be tracked with results E-mailed to you.

You may also see a list of Zane Education’s catalogs, educational publications, user guides, and white papers that are available. Most of these items are free to download.

Zane Education wants to continue communication with it members away from the site, which they do on their Facebook page. They have active home educators with experience in homeschooling, special needs, and parenting who facilitate the location. It is a good place to connect.

Yes, you may choose to plop the student down in front of the computer OR you may choose to sit, learn, and enjoy the videos with your children.

Watch some Zane Education videos:

Because I was not familiar with Zane Education or the type of videos available, I previewed the videos we used before the children were able to do so. I was able to see the content and also prepare, using the lesson plan guides, which were very helpful. I was able to create a study program by looking over the available videos and using the lesson plans provided on the site.

The children were also allowed to choose some videos of choice to watch.

As with any video your child watches, it is always good to pre-screen the contents to be sure what is presented lines up with your personal or family beliefs and or that topics are appropriate for your age of child. An example are some videos that deal with more mature subjects like adolescence and sex education. Yes, they are available, but again, that is where a parent may step in for further discussion on the topic with his child or just choose videos other than those.

Overall, Zane Education manages to present a great learning opportunity through video presentation. There are already so many videos available and I can only image that the catalog will grow from this point. Zane Education has been a wonderful addition in our classroom.


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Zane Education has a FREE membership, but allows you limited access to the large catalog of available videos. You may see a price break-down to decide which membership is best for your family. The membership prices range from free to $17.99 month/$197.89 year. Currently, Zane Education is offering a 35% discount on the purchase of any 12-month Gold, Silver, or Bronze membership subscription through the end of August 31, 2012 using the promotion code ZE495HSM.

You can read more reviews of this item by fellow crew members on The Homeschool Crew Blog.

Disclaimer: The product featured in this review was provided to me in exchange for an honest review by the manufacturer or representing PR agency as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew. The opinions expressed are my own.
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