Homeschool Library Builder {TOS review}


Homeschool Library Builder was started more than one decade ago by homeschool mom Diane McKee who has a great love of literature written for children and young adults. Her desire was to help others nurture and develop that same love she had for great literature by offering books at affordable prices.

She started her store library with a few titles and over the years watched the inventory grow as well as the business.

In 2007. homeschool moms Julie Huffman and Gayla Weatherford took ownership of the company and have continued to grow the library with “living” books that are made available to their customers everyday.

Although homeschool is in the title of the company, the selection of books are not just for homechoolers but for anyone who has a great love of literature.

The available books include new and used as well as hard and soft cover titles. Some of the book categories are classic literature, helping hand (100% of the proceeds go to Compassion International), fiction and non-fiction as well as new arrivals where you can check current arrivals and also books added within the past two weeks when you visit the site.

There is also a category where you can search for books by curriculum If you are a homeschooler, then this category may be quite beneficial to you. Some of the products available through the curriculum search are recommended and required books for Sonlight (P3/4 –Sonlight 530) and other curriculum. Beautiful Feet is another curriculum for which you can find and purchase books that are no longer in print or are just really hard o find.

My children “eat” books and sadly, my pocket book has been unable to keep up with their appetites. Homeschool Library Builder is a great resource that allows parents (anyone) to buy a variety of books (especially classics and some of the hard to find historical books for school). A good example of this is we started a Beautiful Feet study and had to put it aside because many of the books were not available. My local library had a few, but there were not enough to complete the curriculum thoroughly. Purchasing the books new was not an option because our school budget didn’t allow for new book prices. Homeschool Library rates and prices its books according to their condition which allows your dollars to go a long way.

Does Homeschool Library Builder sound like something for you? Well, guess what? Membership is free and they are also offering 25% on your purchase through the month of May. Members have an opportunity to earn book points ($$$) toward purchases.

You can read more reviews of this item by fellow crew members on The Homeschool Crew Blog.

Disclaimer: I was asked to write about the product featured in this review at the request of the manufacturer or representing PR agency as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew. The opinions expressed are my own.
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