Heritage History {TOS review}

Heritage History presents a “living books” reading program that is easy to use, enjoyable, and the best part affordable. It is a classical-based curriculum and an introduction to the Heritage Classical Curriculum that includes four other titles with complete libraries for a comprehensive history study.

We received the CD version of the Young Readers curriculum to review. The CD contains EVERYTHING (books = curriculum, study aids, and teacher’s guide) you need to teach your student. There are 86 book titles to choose from for the study. They stories are completely illustrated and pulled from stories that users will read in the other volumes of the Heritage History study. Although the stories are not comprehensive in the Young Readers curriculum, because they are not meant to teach the student everything he needs to know about history, they are presented in a manner to give the student a broad introduction to events and characters of Western Civilization. With these “teasers,” the student is more apt to be interested when they continue their history study using this curriculum.

The CD directory lists the books by genre with areas that include the following:

stories from history
short biographies
Bible stories
legends and folklore
adapted literature
historical fiction

OR by subject that include the following:

American History
European History
Ancient History
Bible and Saint Stories
Legends and Folklore
Historical Anecdotes

You can see the titles included in the study. The e-books are also available for purchase individually if you prefer to pick and choose your titles.

There is a teacher’s guide included on the CD that can be viewed using a computer, etc. or printed (as also the books), but you may also opt to order a physical book if you prefer a hands-on reference. The teacher’s guide includes essays that provide the teacher steps to take for presenting living books to the student as well as generating interest in the study.

It does help if a student is able to read because he can read through the available books at his own pace, but if not, then the stories may be easily enjoyed as read-a-louds for the family. We did a little bit of both.

Since we are continuing our study through American History, I read America First to the children. It walks the reader through stories of American heroes and heroines who made a difference in our history. The stories are engaging so they will appeal to elementary age students.

River and Lily read through some the following titles: In God’s Garden, American History Stories – Volume 1, Mexican Twins, and Ruth of Boston.

One of the features I like best about Heritage History is that the books are included in the curriculum. I have had experience with a few other history curriculum that we were not able to use because I was unable to find all of the books for the study. Everything is right there included on the CD. It was quite cool to be able to choose a book selection and instantaneously pull it up on my screen. I know that other electronic gadgets do the same thing, but this type of experience is new to me.

Even though I prefer having a physical book in front of me, I am slowly (very slowly) becoming more comfortable with reading books on the computer and online. My children are way ahead of me and were fine using the computer.

Another cool option with this curriculum is that you can view the material on in three different manners: as a .pdf file, using a Kindle, and/or using an iPad. I am the .pdf kind of girl and my children will more than likely continue using the Kindle/iPad options. As I said, I am slowly becoming more comfortable with book reading without an actual book.

I really like this curriculum. The price of one CD and the material that is included makes this a wonderful buy especially if you follow a classical-based homeschool.

The Young Readers curriculum is available for $24.99 or you can purchase The World History Collection, which includes all five volumes: Young Readers, British Empire, British Middle Ages, Ancient Rome, and Ancient Greece for only $99, which is a really good price. They are currently having a spring special where you buy two CDs and get the third FREE. Take a look!

You can read more reviews of this item by fellow crew members on The Homeschool Crew Blog.

Disclaimer: The product featured in this review was provided to me in exchange for an honest review by the manufacturer or representing PR agency as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew. The opinions expressed are my own.
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