Write with World {TOS review}

PhotobucketWrite with World is a new two year writing curriculum from the publishers of World Magazine and God’s World News. It was created for use by middle school students with the goal of “producing young writers who love writing, can write effectively, and intelligently share ideas, beliefs, and their worldview.”

The authors include award winning professors, and recognized journalists and writers, and the resources of WORLD Magazine and God’s World News. Through this collaboration, they present Write with World.

From the website:

Write with WORLD exposes students to:
• reading and critical thinking that develop discernment
• contemporary subjects and professional guidance to pique interest
• flexible exercises to build confidence and skill for using today’s new media
• a thoughtful and meaningful Christian worldview

A few things that make Write with World different:
• Students belong to a community of writers and have an audience
• Students see the curriculum as a living, up-to-date conversation
• Students have access to multiple assignments to choose from in many lessons
• Students who learn to read with critical eyes are more likely to become strong writers
• Students will examine models-both strong and weak-to improve their writing
• Students learn style in the context of their own writing
• Students learn to write with a worldview
• Writing teachers need ideas and support

Each chapter lists the supplies the student needs (highlighter, thesaurus, etc.) before beginning the lesson. There are four units/sections, with four chapters/lessons, and five lessons/capsules in each chapter. The capsules are easy reading keeping the student busy working through the assignments.

We received a teacher and student manuals. The teacher’s manual contains the same text that is printed in the student book. To help the teacher, there are instruction notes alongside each section that easily guide and give the teacher tips and instruction for presenting the lessons.

Although River is still in elementary school (fourth grade), I thought he would be able to work through the curriculum even if it had to be at a slower pace. I found that he was able to work through the lessons without any problem.

One thing that did make it difficult at first for planning our course of study was that there is no table of contents. The table of contents is the first place I always go to when looking through a school book. This happened because I received a pilot version of the first book. Not having that reference easily accessible in the book did slow me down a bit as I tried to determine where to start in the book. A table of contents will be included in the final product.

Write with World seems more like a guide book to me presenting examples of the correct (grammar, vocabulary, structure) and incorrect way to write. There were not as many actual writing lessons as I would have liked throughout the book. I wanted to jump ahead and just start writing.

The curriculum is geared towards middle school students, but some of the earlier lessons may be able to be used by a fifth or fourth grader. I believe that students should be taught the structure or how to compose a paragraph but they should also know how to compose the sentences that bring that paragraph and eventually the story/composition together. Write with World seems to accomplish that fact.

I liked that vocabulary was worked into the lesson, but often we ended up just discussing the word rather than stopping and having him look it up. River gets enough practice with that when doing his vocabulary lessons.

A good point that was made is using low-stake evaluations rather than high-stake evaluations; being less critical of the work and being more helpful with suggestions on how to make something better. I can personally say that the easiest way to shut a confident writer down is to be critical of his work without offering any positive feedback. With that said, I can only imagine how more detrimental that can be for a person (especially a child) who lacks confidence in writing. Red pencil gets such a bad rap.

Write with World will be available this summer for $95 plus shipping and handling.

You can read more reviews of this item by fellow crew members on The Homeschool Crew Blog.

Disclaimer: The product featured in this review was provided to me in exchange for an honest review by the manufacturer or representing PR agency as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew. The opinions expressed are my own.
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