Amazing Science – It Will Truly Amaze You! {TOS review}

I don’t think you will find any child who doesn’t like to watch things pop, bubble, or explode. These are all neat things that can happen when you are studying science. Science is fun even though it can at times be full of mystery, messy, and dangerous; but isn’t that what makes it so much fun?

I really enjoy science. I like watching experiments being done. I like mysteries being solved and I, like my children, really do enjoy watching things go “boom!”

Amazing Science gives you all of those experiences minus the really big boom, but the experiments are still cool, a lot of fun, and I would say amazing.

James Gibson is a rocket scientist; really! He has advanced degrees in engineering and physics and enjoys teaching science and math, which he has done through his award winning videos since 2004. His desire is to teach people how to really appreciate the value of math and science and to enjoy learning about both.

Science is not just about facts and experiments you read about in a textbook, but rather about how things work in the world. Through experiments that use everyday items we find in our home, he opens up a new world as to the why and how things happen.

He reminds viewers that math isn’t about memorizing math facts and completing timed practice drills, but is a useful tool beyond those experiences.

Math can help you determine:

“How far can a rocket go with a certain sized engine? You can calculate that with math. How much weight can a bridge or ship take before it fails? Again, you can use math to calculate that.”

Mr. Gibson believes that if you give a person an objective when doing science and math, then it makes so many things interesting.

Amazing Science! – Volume 1 is a compilation of 23 video experiments that provide step-by-step instructions.

The experiments cover topics like heat, electricity, surface tension, and more and are easy, safe, and fun to complete.

Two disks come in volume one and here is a list of the experiments taught:

The experiments are fun to watch and what is even better for the student is that they are easy to complete. The video is high-quality and gives the student multiple camera views so they can see every step that is being completed. Throughout the experiment, Mr. Gibson explains what is happening and why.

With his observations and explanations, there is a lot of learning packed into the short video segments, which will keep the student interested and not overwhelmed.

Mr. Gibson takes on the teaching role, so you can pretty much sit back, watch with your students, and enjoy. Depending upon how science-savvy you are, you may learn a few things yourself.

As I mentioned before, science can be dangerous, but Mr. Gibson encourages safety from the beginning with the use of protective glasses and also states when an adult should be involved with the experiment.

There is not a lot of preparation needed other than gathering the materials for the projects. I know (personally) at times that collecting all of the items for an experiment is one of the reasons science usually gets pushed to the bottom of the list. There are not a lot of supplies that are needed to complete the experiments and many of them items are ones you already have at home.

See why these videos are so much fun:

I let the children watch three videos before I decided that we needed to actually do an experiment ourselves. There was something about just watching and not doing that took all of the fun and real learning out of the experience.

What I mean by real learning is that since Mr. Gibson walks the viewer through the entire experiment presenting observations and explanations, there is no need for the viewer to figure the “whys?” and “hows?” themselves because he presents the reasons along the way.

What I did, using the DVD, was to create a worksheet for the experiment that River, Lily, and Canyon were going to do. They were able to fill it out (I completed Canyon’s w/his answers) after they observed the steps of the experiment. They had to determine, on their own, what would happen and why.

After they completed the experiment and worksheet with their own observations and explanations, we watched the DVD together and they were able to see the experiment in action again and check their results against what was shown on the DVD.

I like the experiments because they are simple to do and easy to understand. It was also nice being able to easily find a lot of the supplies in my home and not have to set aside a big budget to purchase items that would probably get destroyed while doing an experiment.

Something that would be nice is to have a printable supply list for the experiments. I had to watch the DVD to find out what we needed. It wasn’t too bad because I did have to make the worksheets for the children, but there were two really cool (actually, they are all cool – or should I say amazing?) experiments I wanted to try and found out after watching the DVD, that there were a few supplies we didn’t have on hand.

Science Saturdays are going to be more fun as we continue to work through the experiments on the DVD. We will share some of the experiments we do here on the blog in the upcoming months.


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Amazing Science – Volume 1 is can be purchased on DVD for $19.95 and as a download for $17.99.

You can read more reviews of this item by fellow crew members on The Homeschool Crew Blog.

Disclaimer: The product featured in this review was provided to me in exchange for an honest review by the manufacturer or representing PR agency as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew. The opinions expressed are my own.
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