Reading Eggs {TOS review}

Once again, my hesitancy to veer towards online learning tools, has been overridden by my childrens’ love of an online game we were able to review. The program is called Reading Eggs and all three of them have played it at least five days out of the week, each week, since we began this review.

Reading Eggs is an online program that is designed for children four to eight years of age who are ready to read. The focus of the program is on the skills and strategies that are necessary for reading success. The curriculum can work independently, but also supports reading skills that are learned in school.

Reading Eggs is fun and engaging with learning activities that motivate your child to continue working through the lessons. It uses high quality animation and interactivity that is fun for the child. There is repetition of material your child may need practice with to ensure he is learning.

Reading Eggs was developed for non-readers, so children do not need to have any prior knowledge of or experience with reading. The child completes a placement test of 40 questions that helps with determining on what level they should start using the program.

After determining a starting point, the child works through the lessons that follow a sequential progression developing his reading skills. There are 120 learn-to-read lesson and 96 spelling lessons in Reading Eggs – the section where children learn to read. There are 200 comprehension lessons and a full library of 600+ e-books in Reading Eggspress – the section for readers who can manage reading beginning chapter books.

Currently, students are able to go through lessons that are equivalent to first grade level work and lessons for second and third grades are being worked on to be released later.

I originally intended for this program to be used by Canyon because he is my only child who is still learning to read. I am happy to say that River and Lily both read well for their ages and are improving daily in that area, BUT that does not mean they missed out on an opportunity to enjoy some computer fun.

If you look on the left sidebar, that is the working menu. Go Places – this is all of the areas in the program where the child can do activities. Some areas are locked until the child completes the required lessons to access that “place.” Each place has so many more areas of play/learning for the child to complete.

My Stuff – gives them access to their avatar, awards, pets, and a place where your child can communicate with other Reading Eggs users (E-mail access, etc. required, which we didn’t do).

Notice the cracked egg and the golden looking egg at the top of the menu. The cracked egg indicates the level your child has reached in that area and the golden egg shows how many points he has earned. He is able to shop with the points he earns and buy items for his home and accessories for his avatar.

This here is Sam and my children think he is funny. Sam sings funny songs using words from the lessons the child is covering. I’ve heard my children singing the songs and some have gotten stuck in my head. Sam also walks the child through the lessons and gives him hints when needed.

Now we are entering the world of Reading Eggspress and this is where River and Lily spent most of their time. They completed activities like reading in the library where they read e-books and then took a quiz to ensure comprehension of the book. The child must get 80% or more right to earn eggs that allow him to purchase items. A specific amount of eggs are earned depending upon the difficulty of the e-book.

In the Comprehension Gym children exercise their brain. Exercising with visual placement; remembering the order of pictures.

Reading Eggs has been a lot of fun for my children. Canyon was able to work through the lessons with minimal help from me. I was able to see his progress over the weeks that he worked with the program. It worked well with our review of All About Reading as he continues learning how to read.

There is a dashboard that allows a parent to track the progress of his child. If you have multiple children, then you are able to view the progress of each child on that dashboard. It lists the covered reading skills and the number of books your child has read.

There is more than enough fun for your children using this program and the bonus is that they are learning along the way. This program has been a great fit for our family. I am even starting to become a little more receptive to online programs because of Reading Eggs.

Reading Eggs subscriptions are available for one year ($75), six months ($49.95), or monthly ($9.95). You can try it for yourself (please do) to see if it is something that would benefit your children.

You can read more reviews of this item by fellow crew members on The Homeschool Crew Blog.

The product featured in this review was provided to me free of cost by the manufacturer or representing PR agency as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew. The opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.
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  • Comment from Tiffany

    My kids had a blast with the free trial. I am going to seriously consider purchasing the program. My oldest was not happy that the trial was over.

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