All About Reading Level 1 {TOS review}

When your child is eager and ready to learn how to read, then you really want to literally drop everything and teach him how; right then. Canyon is there right now (he has been there for a while) and I have been holding him up from experiencing the wonderful world of reading or better yet, the ability to crack open a book, and read and enjoy the great stories inside.

We had the opportunity to review All About Reading Level 1 which is the latest product from All About Learning Press. I’m sure you’ve heard of them. I have and that is one of the reasons I was so excited about getting to review their reading program.

All About Reading Press is run by former homeschooling (their children have grown up and are now assisting in the business) husband and wife team Greg and Marie. Marie authors the material and Greg manages the business.

As with many of the companies we receive review products from, Marie created the curriculum out of necessity and after finding something that worked for her, decided to share it with others. The sharing has grown into a very profitable business with many happy users of their products; I am now one of them.

The All About Reading Level 1 curriculum is for beginning readers. The lessons are scripted which will appeal to many parents and even though I often put together the curriculum we use, it was nice to have something already prepared for me especially because I knew it would be effective and I needed to “hurry” and teach Canyon how to read.

All About Reading Level 1 teaches your child everything he needs to know for reading and what is learned is done so in a progressive, methodical (but not boring) manner – each concept builds on what was previously taught.

The program is multisensory, which means your child learns through his senses; using sight, sound, and touch. Using this approach, the material teaches the five key components of reading:

• Phonological Awareness
• Phonics and Decoding
• Fluency
• Vocabulary
• Comprehension

The program comes with the following:

Teacher’s manual
Student packet and activity book
Three readers: Run, Bug, Run! , The Runt Pig , and Cobweb the Cat

It is set up into 49 lessons and it is suggested that your student complete five lessons per week. Of course, scheduling is flexible. We are on a four day school week, but since this was something new for Canyon (reading), we covered one lesson everyday for five days. The lessons take about 20 minutes to complete and then that is followed with the suggestion that you also take time and read to your child. Because I read to the children a lot, we usually did this later rather than immediately after each lesson.

The lessons include working with the word cards (sight words) that correspond with the lessons you cover. Do you see the words on the bottom of the card? They are even labeled with the lesson. We have made it to lesson three. We are not rushing through, but rather taking our time.

Canyon used the color coded letter tiles to spell new words. The consonants are blue and the vowels and vowel teams are red. The other tiles are yellow, purple, green, or orange for double letter phonograms, punctuation, etc.

The activity sheets offer more practice. Canyon was able to describe what he saw on the pictures, but when he was able match a word card with a picture, that was pretty cool.

I like how interactive this curriculum is where Canyon is not just memorizing letters and words on a card. The manipulatives are very helpful for busy hands and the activity sheets gave Canyon another way to reinforce what he was learning.

The reader we started (Run, Bug, Run!) was fun to go through. The stories were short and entertaining (for as much as a three page plus story can be). The reader is also made with quality material and a nice way to introduce a child to “how books are supposed to be;” well bound, hard back books (my personal preference even though I prefer paperback prices).

I really like ALL About Reading Level 1 and will continue using the program with Canyon. There are also supplemental games that can be purchased, articles in the Reading Resource Center, and FREE downloads that include items from the pre-reading program and sign-up for the weekly Teaching Tips newsletter (that I receive) that gives you access to other FREE downloads.

Their customer service is great. I spent some time on the telephone with Greg discussing the All About Spelling program and received many suggestions for determining which or if any of their products would work for my children.

All of their curriculum comes with a money back guarantee. You have one year after purchasing the product to determine if it is right for your family. That should give you an idea as to how confident they are that this program works.

The All About Reading Level 1 Kit is $99.95. You may also purchase the individual items in the kit. Level 2 Readers are now available. The interactives that compliment the kit can be purchased in whole (deluxe) for $48.95 or as individual pieces.

You can read more reviews of this item by fellow crew members on The Homeschool Crew Blog.

The product featured in this review was provided to me free of cost by the manufacturer or representing PR agency as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew. The opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.
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