Book Nook: Alfie Runs Away

I am running away!”

If you’re a mommy, then I’m sure you have heard that statement at least once. If you haven’t, then that means your kid knows he has a good thing going and isn’t going anywhere. Just in case he surprises you one day, then let me prepare you by suggesting you read this book to him. It will make you laugh and ensure that your child knows he has a good thing going at home, so you probably will never hear it from him.

Alfie, (Alfie Runs Away) on the other hand, has yet to realize how good he’s got it. His mother makes his life rather difficult. I mean really, what kind of mother requires you to take baths, or make up your bed, or even set the table? Well, Alfie’s mother does and he is just plain tired of the “madness.” What finally sends Alfie “packing” is when his mother decides to give away his favorite red shoes. She doesn’t make this decision to be mean, but rather because Alfie is growing up and has outgrown his shoes.

With blanket and pillow in hand, and red shoes on feet, Alfie prepares to run away from home. Rather than stopping him, his mother suggests he take a water bottle in case he grows thirsty. He accepts the water bottle, but is not swayed by her kindness; he is still running away. As the story continues, his mother suggests a few other items Alfie should take to make his journey more manageable. Before he makes it to the door, Alfie has a bag full of “stuff” that is filled with just about everything he “owns” and his mother gives him one last thing to “pack”; a hug.

Determined, Alfie leaves with his heavy bag, but only makes it to the far end of the backyard where he decides to stop and rest before continuing on his journey. After all, he has everything he needs in his bag or does he?

Kenneth Cadow has written a sweet book reminding parents of the “silly” things our children might say to us, but often don’t really mean as well as reminding us of the growing pains they may experience when faced with the loss of treasured items of their childhood. Alfie’s solution at the end of the story and his realization that everything that really matters can’t be packed into a bag is a nice conclusion to this story.

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  • Comment from Keya

    That sounds like a really great book to read to my children. My son always tells me I’m mean. Just because I fed him food I’m mean.

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