The Person I Marry {TOS Review}

I often think about the people my children will marry. Because of this, I do pray for those special people God has for them and I tell my children to wait…be patient…do not be in a hurry. They smile at me and nod in agreement, but I try not to belabor the point.

Gary and Jan Bower are a husband and wife team who have been married for 33 years and are fellow homeschoolers (see how Jan does it – It will make you laugh.) blessed with twelve children. They are also author (Gary), illustrator (Jan) and publishers of more than ten books that are a part of their company Bower Family Books.

One of their popular titles and a winner of the Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year Award for 2010 is their book The Person I Marry. Gary and Jan wrote the book “as a tool for tenderizing the hearts of our own 12 children, and sparking comfortable conversation about marriage amongst ourselves,” and they do a better job than I on the subject in their book of beautifully illustrated pages of passages and rhyming verse that point out the values and character one should look for in the person he marries.

Words like “faithful, committed, fully devoted, dependable, morally, pure, full of integrity, etc.” line each page of verse and only enhance the message of waiting on God and the one He has prepared especially for them. A few passages that I really liked are the following:

Honesty will be a must. I need someone I can trust,
true in heart, strong as stone whether watched or all alone.

I’ll probably marry, but maybe I won’t. (Some people do; some people don’t.)
But if I marry, this I’ll know – I set my standards long ago when I was just a little kid. I set them high; I’m glad I did. The vows I’ll say I mean to keep, so I’ll look hard before I leap.

That special one of mystery has weaknesses, of course, like me. And that’s the reason I’ll prepare by lifting both of us in prayer.

Another thing I really like about the illustrations is that my children were able to see themselves on at least one page of the book.

This book opens the door for parents to begin talking to their children while they are young about the blessing of marriage and giving the child an understanding of the importance of keeping God in the midst of that decision and the standards he should have for his mate, which are God’s standards.

The Person I Marry is a nice read and gave me another tool to share my thoughts on marriage and open discussion more with my children on the person they want to marry. I have two out of three who plan to marry.

We received this book in a digital format and I would have really preferred to have had a physical copy because we are “cuddle readers” who still love finding a comfortable place to read and cracking open a good book. Fortunately, The Person I Marry is also available in hardcover and can be purchased for $11.99.

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The product featured in this review was provided to me free of cost by the manufacturer or representing PR agency as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew. The opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.
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