Math Mammoth {TOS Review}

Math Mammoth is a full service math Web site offering complete math curriculum (grades 1 – 6) and supplemental math materials (grades 3 – 9) for students. The Web site was created in 2006 by Maria Miller to promote and sell her math E-books that she has been writing since 2002.

After a period of tutoring some homeschool students, Maria became more aware of some of the similar struggles the students had as well as the inadequate materials they were using to learn the subject. Motivated by her desire to help these students, Maria used her background of a master’s degree in math and minors in both physics and statistics and created a math program that has grown over the years and continues to be improved by Maria. An example of improvements is a new feature where the complete math curriculum for all grade levels are now enabled for annotation which gives the student the capability to complete the lessons on the computer.

We had the opportunity to choose any product from Math Mammoth to review and since I have been considering moving River to another math curriculum, I decided to take a look at Math Mammoth Grade 4 Complete Curriculum. While the complete curriculum is also available in print and CD, we were given the download version to review which was quite easy to retrieve and save to my computer.

The material comes in two sets:

Grade 4-A (see sample)
Part A includes the worktext, part A answer key, tests, cumulative reviews, a worksheet maker, and Soft-Pak.

Grade 4-B (see sample)
Part B includes the worktext, part B answer key, tests, cumulative reviews, a worksheet maker, and Soft-Pak.

You can purchase the sets separately or purchase the grade-4 curriculum as a complete package which includes Set A and Set B.

The lessons are non-scripted which means the student can work through the lessons alone without the need of teacher prompting and are written in a manner that speaks directly to the student so they are somewhat “teaching themselves” and learning as they complete the lessons. There is also an emphasis on visual models, but Math Mammoth does not completely rule out the use of manipulatives. Since this is a mastery-based curriculum as opposed to a spiral one, the student completes lessons that cover one topic until he has mastered the material.

Each chapter has an introduction stating what will be covered in that chapter. The amount of work pages covering each topic introduced in the chapter are also included which gives the teacher an idea of how she may want to break up the lessons and present them to the student. It is suggested for River’s grade level and this curriculum for him to cover 1.7 pages per day which averages out to about 8.5 pages per week – set on a 200-day school year. That is more of a suggestion because you can pace the lessons to accommodate the learning progress of the student.

Helpful Internet resources can be found in each chapter that aid the student in learning the covered material. Another place to obtain helpful information is on the FAQ page for the Math Mammoth Light Blue Series. After reading through this information, many of the questions I had about the program and using it were answered.

I will admit that having used a scripted math curriculum up to this point, I was first looking for directions on how to present the material to River and also for more detail on how to ensure he understood the concepts so he could complete the assignments. While he was going through his lessons, I always felt like I should be doing something. I found that kind of funny because I have been looking for a math program for him to transition to where he can be more independent in his work and also one that does not require computer use. During his lesson time, I was able to devote more time to the work Lily and Canyon were completing.

I like the “no-frills,” straight to the point presentation of the Math Mammoth curriculum. As I mentioned before, I have been looking for a new math curriculum to move River to because I think he is past the need for scripted math and ready to just dig in and learn. For my younger children, I am going to continue using our current curriculum because I like the spiral approach for them since they are still learning many basic math concepts.

It has been fun using Math Mammoth and I really like the depth of the material. I even did not mind so much only receiving the download version of the product. Maria’s math background as well as her experience teaching homeschoolers and having first-hand knowledge of some of the issues we face with teaching math gives me a confidence about using this curriculum.

Although I did not review her supplemental materials, I have read some good reviews about them, and for the price of the material and what you get, the price cannot be beat.

If you are considering changing your math curriculum for your student and are looking for a mastery-based curriculum, then I would definitely suggest looking at Math Mammoth. One area on the Web site that I found helpful, even though she did not have a comparison for the curriculum we now use, is the comparisons page which answers questions you may have about your curriculum vs. Math Mammoth. You can also take a virtual tour and access FREE sample downloads.

Let your children take a placement math test to see if he is where he should be in his math studies.

Maria also has another helpful Web site, Home School Math, which was actually launched before the Math Mammoth Web site. Visit and take a look around for some great math resources.

Math Mammoth Light Blue Series Grade-4A and Math Mammoth Light Blue Series Grade-4B are both currently available for $17.50 each or $34.00 for both sets as a download. The curriculum is also available on CD or in print. Check pricing to see what is a better buy for you.

You can read more reviews of this item by fellow crew members on The Homeschool Crew Blog.

The product featured in this review was provided to me free of cost by the manufacturer or representing PR agency as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew. The opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.
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