Always Icecream – Fun for the Girly Girl {TOS review}

Where do I start? The reason I am not sure is because there is a lot of everything going on at Always Icecream. I am not going to lie. I had to have my seven year old daughter and nine year old son explain to me how everything works. They were very excited and quite animated with their explanations, but both stopped in the middle of their sentences because Lily had to go feed her pets; and so, an addiction begins.

Where has my daughter been for the last few weeks you ask? She has been in MiniWorld accessorizing her home, feeding her pets, and spending (not eating) scoops and scoops of ice cream. Those are just a few of the things you do when hanging out at Always Icecream, an online Web site FOR GIRLS ages 7-12 that promotes “child-appropriate online learning in a unique way” by not only offering social interaction for your child, but also offering:

  • a safe place online to motivate and build friendships with other girls their age.
  • a place where fun games and a large variety of learning activities can be played and used as supplements for school.
  • a reward system for accomplishing goals online (from the games and activities) and offline with chores and tasks created by mom and dad or just to let her know she is doing a great job!

The creators also believe “that children learn more when they are motivated and in a positive mood.” Well, my children have been quite happy while using Always Icecream and they have also learned a few things from using the Web site.

As I mentioned, there is a lot to do on the site from practicing academics like geography, language arts, science, math, etc. to playing fun interactive games, building and decorating a virtual home and filling it up with a lot of pets (a whole lot as my daughter did – more than we would ever have in our actual home), and designing products that other Always Icecream users can buy.

Ice cream scoops is your “money” and how your girly girl navigates through the site. Users earn scoops when they play any of the educational games/activities – practice typing skills, guess the president, play geography games where you have to locate states (play for FREE and see if you know where the states are located) or match flags to their respective country, watch an educational video segment by “How it’s Made,” Schoolhouse Rock (memories), and others that include instruction like “how to multiply,” etc. Scoops are exchanged or redeemed when users play fun games, when you buy pets, later have to feed them and keep them happy, and when the girls decorate their home. Each activity is labeled as to whether or not you will be earning or spending scoops to use.


anatomy presidents confusion Bible

You can try some of the games the children enjoyed that are shown above (anatomy challenge, presidents, word confusion, or Bible trivia) by clicking on “click here and try me!” or visit the Web site to try some of the many other games/activities that are offered.

The one thing I like about the site is the safety aspect. Granted, no place is 100% safe especially when you’re online, but the creators of Always Icecream realize that this is a big issue for parents and that is one of the features they promote heavily by their diligence in keeping the Website as safe as possible.

They also promote parental involvement on the Web site by allowing you to moderate your child’s activity with other members, monitor her activity from progress reports that are available for viewing through the FREE parent account that can be linked to your daughter’s account, customize educational content, and parents even get to play the games.

Something my two boys will be happy to learn is that Always Icecream is coming out with a boys version of the site. Until then, they will be enjoying playing with their sister as they have already been doing.

Although I prefer the learning my children do offline, I am finding that including online fun (and learning) for them is something I am going to have to get use too especially considering all of the time I too spend on the computer. Always Icecream is a great resource for learning and play when I do give my daughter FREE-time on the computer. The pricing is also quite reasonable.


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Always Icecream has four types of memberships: 1) $4.99/monthly subscription (1st month is only $.99), 2) $9.98/two-months membership, 3) $22.99/annual membership, and 4) $99.99 lifetime membership.

You can read more reviews of this item by fellow crew members on The Homeschool Crew Blog.

The product featured in this review was provided to me free of cost by the manufacturer or representing PR agency as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew. The opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.
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One Response to “Always Icecream – Fun for the Girly Girl {TOS review}”

  • Comment from Jamie B.

    Looks like fun! I worry about my kids spending a lot of time on the computer, which is why I try to limit my time to when they aren’t around to see me and develop the idea that computer time is super important. I tend towards computer addiction and I don’t want that for my girls. It’s nice to see that there are fun AND educational options for kids once Ash and Britt are old enough to navigate a computer.

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