Wise Alec – Civilize This {TOS review}

We like playing games in our house; some on-board and some off-board. Games are fun especially when there is a Wise Alec in the bunch which is actually the object of this game. The winner of the game becomes a Wise Alec.

Griddly Games has been around for about four years and was created by a mommy who desired to create products that “inspired laughter and fun, while promoting healthy and active lifestyles.” It looks like she was successful having won several “excellent product” awards including the Tillywig “Laugh Out Loud” toy award for creating “Toys and games notable for the laughs that begin to flow as soon as they’re out of the box.”

Wise Alec: Civilize This! family trivia game is a fun and entertaining game that involves all members of the family 8+ and above. There are easy questions and more difficult questions to level the playing field making it a fun and challenging game for both adults and children. Along with a variety of questions to answer covering topics from history to science to spelling, there are also fun physical activity challenges that are bound to just crack you up as each player tries to do them.

The version we received to review is a travel and expansion game (which is an enhancement for the original Wise Alec game) and the pieces include 1 die, three decks of trivia cards and one deck of Wise Alec cards. The cards are broken up into four topics of questions and activities:

Ancient Period
Quite simply, this deck focuses on the Ancient Period with questions about Greeks, Ancient Chinese, Ancient Polynesian, Sumerians, Mayans, and other cultures of that period. Here is a question for you: Which ancient people are believed to have invented the first written language?* You get 7 points.

Medieval Period
This deck focuses on the Medieval Period with questions about the Middle Ages and Medieval Period, knights, and Aztec people. Here is a question for you: Many people took religious journeys to visit holy shrines. What were these journeys called?* You get 3 points.

Modern Period
This deck ask questions of our current period which many players may be more be familiar with and able to answer. Here is a question for you: Hummus is regarded as the national dish of Egypt. What kind of bean is it made of?* You get 7 points.

Wise Alec
This deck of cards is the “special” deck of fun cards. This is where the physical activity and extra fun comes in because this deck of cards challenges the player to complete exercises, brainteasers, or some other funny activity. Challenge: STUDY BREAK! Stand on one leg for 30 seconds. You get 5 points.

This is an interactive and “community” type game where the player rolls the dice and depending up the color they roll, another player (the one on their left) pulls a card from the matching deck and asks them the question on the card. Each trivia card has two questions and points – 3 points (easy question) or 7 points (more difficult question) – are awarded if the question is answered correctly.

Although there are basic rules for playing the game, you can pretty much set the game up to accommodate the players by determining the points to achieve or the length of time to play for earning points to determine the winner – the Wise Alec.

Although the game suggests players be 8+, Lily (age 7) was able to play along with us and especially enjoyed doing the challenges on the Wise Alec cards. Some of the period questions were a challenge, but then there were others the children easily answered and I was surprised at how much we do know from some of the historical periods.

At first, it was a bit confusing remembering which way to turn for the other player who was to ask the question when a certain color was rolled, but as with any game, after we played a while, remembering wasn’t a problem.

You can watch this quick video that shows you how to play the game:

Wise Alec is a fun game that offers an opportunity for the players to learn while they play as do with any trivia game. What sets it apart from most trivia games is the Wise Alec activity deck. The kids have more fun because they are not just sitting around in a circle rolling the dice, pulling cards, and answering questions, but they are also getting up and moving around.

Just a note: I don’t think I’m color blind so it would have been nice if the orange dot on the die was obviously orange. Ours looked like a darker yellow.


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Civilize this is available to purchase starting at $14.99 online and offline at selected stores in the US and Canada. Prices may vary at the retail stores. Other games also available from Griddly Games are Oversight (ages 7+), Griddly Headz (ages 8+), Chronicles of the Mind (ages 10+), and Words of the Wise (ages 10+).

For more fun and additional play, visit the Griddly Kidz Zone for online games, download activities, and coloring sheets.

*Answers to the questions: Ancient – Sumerians, Medieval – pligrimage, and Modern – fava beans/chickpeas

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The product featured in this review was provided to me free of cost by the manufacturer or representing PR agency as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew. The opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.
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