Memories From TOS Crew Review Cruise

Land Shark! I don’t know why, but I just wanted to say that. Now, what I want to say is WHEW! I do know why I wanted to say that and it is because a few months ago, I clicked the submit button on my last TOS CREW review for the 2010-2011 cruise season. Man (or at least TOS) has figured out how to cruise on land and it has been a beautiful (and very educational) ride. This past year was my first year as a member of The Old Schoolhouse Crew review team as a “passenger” where I got to review more than 20 different education products. Now, you may understand why I said “Whew!”

Although it was a lot of work reviewing all of those products, it was also a blessing having the opportunity to use all of the products and see if they were a fit for our classroom. There were so many new companies I had never heard of with quality products specifically created for educating children (homeschool and public included) and we also found a few products that have now become staples in our classroom.

At first I wanted to share my top five (5), but I couldn’t decide which five to list as my top five because there were a few more than five that fit into our “We Like A Lot” or “We Could Use that in Our School” category. Since I wanted to stick with five, I “managed” to choose five items that we are still using or may incorporate later into our school.

Our Top 5 Favorite Products

The following products are not listed in any particular order:

IEW (read my review)
I have seen this curriculum advertised quite often, but I have to admit that I was a little intimidated by the curriculum. That feeling only mounted when I visited the Web site because there is so much to read. I know that is a poor excuse coming from a teacher. Well, I finally worked past my laziness fears and read through and used the curriculum. Overcoming “fear” will set you free and possibly lead you to great curriculum.

GoTrybe (read my review)
Although I am an advocate of getting up, getting outside, and working out, that option is no longer available to us year-around as it use to be when we lived in a kinder weather climate. Kids (and adults) need to workout to keep their bodies healthy and strong. GoTrybe provides a fun and educational way for children to keep their bodies moving and in shape whether the weather outside is scorching hot or as cold as an ice berg.

Circle C Beginnings (read my review)
This one is just for Lily who is a horse-lovin’ fool. If you have a horse lover and a reader, then this series is the one for your child. If you have one that is not necessarily a reader, then this series may bring the reader out of your child. I like that Circle C Beginnings continues into a series for older readers so Lily will be able to read these for a while.

What We Believe (read my review)
I am going to make a blanket statement; I like everything Apologia publishes. Maybe, I should clarify and say that so far, everything I have reviewed from this publisher has been a winner with me. I probably need to get out more. Anyway, I am very excited to be reviewing another one of the Apologia books in the next month.

Math Facts Now! (read my review)
I really loved this program and it didn’t even sing, dance, or talk back to me. It just sits on the screen and does what it is supposed to do; help my children practice and improve on their math facts. It has really worked well for us.

Runner Ups
Speekee (read my review)
GoGo Kabongo (read my review)
Positive Action for Christ Bible (read my review)
Good Morning, God (read my review)
My Animal Family (read my review)
Expedition Australia (read my review)

Just because you do not see the other twelve (12+) products does not mean they are not any good, it just means they were not a great fit in our school, but they still may work for yours. You can read all of my TOS reviews from the 2010-2011 cruise season.

I hope you stick around with me for another year because the plank has been lowered and I am on board, AGAIN, this year (2011-2012) as a TOS Homeschool Crew member.

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4 Responses to “Memories From TOS Crew Review Cruise”

  • Comment from Marie

    I agree 100% with what you said about IEW. I was so intimidated, in fact I feel unprepared to use it in a few weeks. I need to ‘brush up’ and check to see exactly what we need to do when we start back. I know once I get back into the swing of things it’ll fall into place. We’re planning to use it much more this year. It’s part of our main curricula instead of just a supplement.
    You mentioned liking my crate idea when you visited my blog, I wanted to let you know that those are the PERFECT size. The 3-ring binders fit perfectly and for the smaller things, hanging folders work well. There is even a slot for the hanging folders. It has handles on both sides too so that will make it easy to move from room to room. I’m hoping it’ll keep us all organized and no one will be running around looking for a book, pencil, paper, etc. They only cost $3 or $4 dollars at Target. I also saw them at Walmart for a few cents cheaper.
    Just FYI, when someone clicks on your profile in Google, it gives your old blog address. Not sure if you realized it ;)

  • Comment from Mary

    I’m so looking forward to being a part of The Crew this year… and yes (as the story goes…) I’m glad I found your blog, too! :-)
    Mary recently posted..The Goal of My Blog – and a Free Gift!

  • Comment from Jennifer

    It is almost daunting looking back at all of the new things we have tried, but quite a few are keepers. I’m looking forward to cruising with you for another year.
    Jennifer recently posted..Shutterfly digital photobook (blog opportunity)

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    We are excited to officially start “rowing” on Monday!

    Thank you for updating the blogroll button :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

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