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We are a pretty conscientious family when it comes to our health and being physically active. With the awakening of spring, we have been doing something outside every single day unless it has been pouring down rain. During the winter months, things were a little different because along with the rainy days, our area was also struck with some very cold days that often brought snow. There were many weeks where we never made it outside to get any type of exercise. Given the option of going outside in the freezing cold to exercise versus staying indoors in warmth and comfort, we chose the latter and missed a few months of exercise. If we would have had GoTrybe during this time, then we would not have to be working so hard now to get back into the shape we were in last year.

GoTrybe is an “interactive social community dedicated to the health and wellness of our youth.” The creators of the online community realize that many children spend a lot of sedentary time sitting in front of a computer. Their desire is to redirect some of that “energy” and make it more physical while also teaching children about a healthier lifestyle through exercise and healthier eating habits.

The program is geared towards students from kindergarten through 12th grade with three different Trybes in which the children can join:

ZooDoos – up through 5th grade
Trybe180 – 6th grade through 9th grade
Nextrybe – 1-th grade through 12th grade

We had the opportunity to become members of the ZooDoos Trybe. Through Active-Screen Time™ (getting children and teens on the move through technology), we were able to create a complete workout – warm-up, cardio work, strength training, and flexibility – from a variety of videos (hip-hop, yoga, salsa, and more).

Other sections of activity include nutrition, motivation, and wellness which are presented through additional videos and in a question and answer format.

Once a student account is activated, they are immediately awarded points that can be used to dress and accessorize their avatar. Additional points are earned at the completion of each daily activity (fitness, nutrition, motivation, and wellness) which can be used to enhance their avatar.

Students can create their own fitness program from the various videos or opt to use one of the GoTrybe created videos.

The students also have an opportunity to “connect” with other members on GoTrybe through the forum where questions can be asked and answered, “shout outs” to friends can be made and friendly competition can be had as they work to improve their health and ability.

Set up and getting started with GoTrybe is quite easy. Once the program has been downloaded and accounts created, depending upon the age of the student, the student can work through by himself because the work-outs are conducted by the GoTrybe fitness instructors. There really is not a need for the teacher to walk through the session with the student unless they have not yet learned to read.

A helpful feature with the fitness videos is that an overview of the workout program is shown when you hover over the fitness videos. Some of the information provided is:

    The name of the video
    Grade appropriateness of the workout
    Description of the workout
    Video length
    Body part focus
    Name of GoTrybe fitness trainer teaching the video

All of this information is useful when planning a workout program because you can allot time in the day for working through the program as well as ensuring the areas of the body you want are getting worked on by the students.

Although the program is created for children, I stood in the background and did many of the exercises with the kids. I found myself being challenged because I am quite out of shape having not been to the gym in a few months. It was fun watching all three of my children workout together and also do their interpretation of what the instructor was doing on the screen.

River and Lily both enjoyed creating their own workout programs. They really did not spend much time customizing their avatars, but sure enjoyed earning the points. They also did not spend any time in the forums because I think they are a little too young for that right now, but I did visit it and it seemed like a helpful area to get immediate answers to questions which as are most forums.

The segments are short enough to keep the children interested and not completely tire them out. Although my children are really active, something their daily play/exercise has missed is a focus on technique. By this I mean, we have not spent much time on the correct form for doing a jumping jack or for doing push-ups which is something we will be concentrating on more. The fitness instructors take the students through the routine and also show them how to do the movements correctly. My kids love doing the palm tree.

Although, we are going to be outside a lot from now until the cold returns getting a whole lot of exercise, this is a really great program to have available. When the summer heat takes over, we will have a resource we can use to still get a good workout for the day.

GoTrybe is available for $39.95/year OR if you would like to try the program for FREE and you like it, then you can purchase it for only $19.95/year. Go here to use the promotional code GETFIT and get started with your FREE trial TODAY! You can get more answers to your questions about GoTrybe on their FAQ page.

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The product featured in this review was provided to me free of cost by the manufacturer or representing PR agency as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew. The opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.
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