Andi’s Indian Summer {review}

River is not the only book loving reader in our home. Lily comes up right behind him and loves to read just as much as he. When we had a chance to review a book from Kregel Publications with a main character who is a horse lover, I jumped at the chance and I am so glad that I did because I have a special little horse lover living in my home.

Circle C Beginnings by Susan Marlow and published by Kregel Publications is a Christian children’s book series for new readers, ages 6-8 years old, who are moving into chapter books. The series introduces the reader to six year old Andi Carter and her baby horse Taffy and shares the experiences they have on Andi’s family farm, the Circle C, during the late 1800’s.


The series currently has four books with two more being added to the series later this year. You can select any book shown above to learn more about the story.

These books are a precursor to the Circle C Adventures series of books which continue with the life of Andi as she grows older on the ranch. This series is great for children ages 9-14.

Andi’s Indian Summer, the second book in the series, takes us through a period with six year old Andi and her eight year old friend Riley who is staying with his Uncle Sid, the ranch boss, on Andi’s family’s ranch until his mother gets well. Riley introduces Andi to a Dime Novel and offers to read a bit of it to her. He describes a Dime Novel as “being full of adventure – not like the books at school.” This is enough to peak Andi’s interest especially since she is not yet able to read. Although the story in the novel sends shivers “up and down her arms,” Andi encourages Riley to read on about Indians sneaking up on people, capturing them, and taking them away.

Not knowing any better, Andi and Riley both accept the Dime Novel story as truth about all Indians which creates a bit of a problem for them when they are later “captured” by Indians in the book. {Yep! You have got to read the book to find out what happens.}

Besides the great stories, the Circle C Beginning series has activity supplements that compliment each book in the series. The supplements include free coloring pages that can be printed, free activity pages with fun sheets of mazes, craft projects, math, and history exercises, and more, free online puzzles that can be to put together online or printed, and lap book kits that can be purchased to reinforce the information learned after reading the books. The fun does not have to end after reading a chapter or after completing the book.

I also like that a list of vocabulary words were included in the front of the book, and not the back, to introduce some new terms that the reader will come across. By having the vocabulary words at the front of the book, then the reader would already have an understanding of the new word before seeing it rather than finding it at the back and reviewing after the book has been completed. Lily and I discussed the words and definitions before we started the book. This is a minor issue because I know that glossaries are normally at the end of books, but I preferred having the words at the beginning.

Although Lily wanted to read the entire book in one sitting, I sectioned the book for her to read at the most two chapters a day. Since this was her read-a-loud book for the week, we sat, got cozy, and enjoyed the book together. After she read her chapters for the day, she completed some of the activity sheets that went with her book. Lily colored a few of the coloring sheets and wrote a Dime Novel. Oh, I love her very creative mind which is a great foundation for a future author; Dime Novel or otherwise.

Although the main character is a girl, the story is engaging enough to interest both girls and boys. Lily enjoyed reading the book and has already asked to read the other titles in the series. I was happy to see (and so was Lily) that the Circle C series already had books for children of older ages. I already know that I am going to have to add the Circle C Adventures to our homeschool registry.

The Circle C Beginning books are available for purchase individually for just $4.99 plus shipping and handling. There is also special pricing available if you decide to go ahead and buy two books or the entire series at once, which is what I would suggest because your children will probably not like waiting for the next book to arrive once finishing the one they already have. That is where I am finding myself right now.

This series would also make a nice gift and you can personalize the books to the recipients.

You can read more reviews of this item by fellow crew members on The Homeschool Crew Blog.

The product featured in this review was provided to me free of cost by the manufacturer or representing PR agency as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew. The opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.
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2 Responses to “Andi’s Indian Summer {review}”

  • Comment from Susan Marlow

    Hi Honey Mommy,
    I really enjoyed reading your review of Indian Summer and I thank you for it. That was an extra-nice touch to have handy links to click over to read sample chapters. You thought of everything!
    Glad you and your Lily enjoyed the book!

  • Comment from LisaRose

    These are on our list to read, so it was lovely to read your review. Now I can’t wait to get on to getting them. This week we read our first “Meghan Rose” book and I highly recommend these. I am ordering the whole series. They also have some activities and discussion ideas at the end of each book and are christian based. By the way both my girls (6 & 9) ride and are horse mad too. We should get them to write (pen-pal) … lol

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