River is Eating Books

This is true and I don’t mind it a bit. Actually, I feed him food and he is not really eating books…at least I don’t think so. The thing is that he is reading them faster than I can make it back to the library to borrow more. I like that too. I can remember trying to teach River how to read when he was younger and worrying that it was never going to happen and then one day, something just clicked for him. Even though that happened, he didn’t voluntarily pick up a book to read. Once again, I started worrying. I worried that he would not love reading books as much as I do and then one day, something just clicked for him.

It all started with a series of books about a girl named Jennifer, a.k.a. Cam Jansen. It wasn’t really about the character, but rather the type of book that got him interested and reading like crazy. River likes mysteries and that is the premise for all of the books in the series. He has just about read every book in the regular Cam Jansen series and is also closing in on completing the books in the young Cam Jansen series. Lily has also been enjoying reading the young Cam Jansen series which is written more for her age level.

Whenever we would go to the library, River darted to the computers because he wanted to play games. He had no interest in looking at the books. I mean really, aren’t you supposed to look for books at the library? Well, now when we go to the library he bypasses the computers and heads directly toward the book shelves and gets lost in the stacks. I often find him sitting on the floor reading through a pile of books.

Although he enjoys reading a good mystery, he has started reading more books that cover a variety of themes. I am so happy when I see him around the house with a book in his hand.

So if you are a mommy with a child who seems to have no interest in reading, then I tell you to not be too concerned. A lot of times, children attribute books to things that cover “boring” topics which is what their school books do. Yes, I’ve heard statements like that along with some other choice words even though he knows they aren’t true. Do not give up, but instead try steering him toward books that discuss topics he likes. The next time you look around, you just might find him lost somewhere in a book having a really good time.

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One Response to “River is Eating Books”

  • Comment from Denise

    I so love to see my kids reading a book! My oldest son goes in spurts. He won’t read much for a few weeks, then once he pulls out a book or two, he reads non stop. My daughter never pulls her head out of a book. lol Love your photos- so cute.

    I am not sure how I missed following your blog during the crew, but I am now following. I LOVE the layout of your blog- very cute!
    Denise recently posted..Choose Life!

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