Who Is God? And Can I Really Know Him? {review}

Bible study and devotion are a really important aspect in our homeschool. We have rotated between just reading the Bible and discussing what we have read with whatever challenging questions my brain can come up with to reading child directed Bible stories that stress a character value. This has worked for a while and the reading has been enlightening, but there has always seemed to be a disconnect where the Bible is just the Bible full of wisdom and beliefs we should have and experiences that “old people” had many, many centuries ago. As far as character values, they are just qualities I believe everyone should have when defining themselves. My struggle has been putting everything together as I continue to try to teach my children Biblical philosophies and how they relate to their lives today, NOW, as they continue to grow as Christians.

I have heard the term apologia thrown around quite often, but never really had a good understanding of what the term meant. It is simply the ability to use reason and logic to defend ones faith and/or actions. When teaching my children, I knew that was the missing key to connect everything I have been trying to share with them about our faith. I want them to be able to state and believe what they know and be able to defend their beliefs with reason and not be left with unsupported statements like “I believe what I believe just because…” or “I believe it because my mother said so…” That confidence tied with an understanding of how we as Christians view the world equips us to be able to better share the Christian faith. This series lays that foundation.

Who is God? And Can I Really Know Him? is one book of four in the “What We Believe” series published by Apologia Educational Ministries that is written to address the many secular issues our children (and us as parents) face everyday. Frankly, growing up as a child in these times is more challenging than it was when I was growing up. Children now have more entities – peers, celebrities, media, literature, the Internet – wanting to share his viewpoint and have our children believe it as truth. This is all happening around our children while we, their parents, are trying to instill in them Christian values. Confusing? Most definitely and this series is a great way to reduce and/or eliminate so much of that confusion for our children and is also a nice resource for adults who may be new in their faith or have questions about how to logically explain what and why they believe what they do. Through this student-directed, biblical worldview study, children learn “to use Scripture as a lens through which to view the world around them – to see everything the way God sees it -and know the truth.”

The other books in the series, including volume 1, are the following titles:

Volume 1 – Who Is God? (And Can I Really Know Him?) which discusses Biblical Worldview of God and Truth   Volume 2 – Who AM I? (And Why Am I Here?) which discusses Biblical worldview of self-image and is available now for purchase.
Volume 3 – Who Is My Brother? (And Why Do We Need Each Other?) which discusses Biblical Worldview of Servanthood and will be available later this year.   Volume 4 – What On Earth Can I Do? which discusses Biblical Worldview of Stewardship and will be available for purchase next year.

You can read more specifics about each volume.

The curriculum is written for the student. Along with the basics of Bible vocabulary, memory verses, and discussion questions, there are also some other features like integrated learning and worldview study. Integrated learning approach “gives the student a broader understanding of the main subject while exposing the student to new interest, skills, and experiences” and the worldview study “helps them understand how people perceive the world around them” enabling the student to better communicate their values and beliefs as Christians.

Each book is written with enough material to cover over an average school year (nine months), but can be completed in as little as four months. A lesson plan is provided for a six-day study to be covered over two weeks, but the sections in each chapter are written where you can pretty much determine the pace and material to be covered by your student.

There is the option of just reading through the lessons and discussing the covered material or getting a little busy and completing hands-on activities like notebooking and the building of the House of Truth – “a visual model constructed one step at a time” – as new concepts are learned in each lesson, that can be drawn or built using any type of construction material (i.e. paper, clay, wood).

There are also supplemental resources for additional activities (teacher helps and student worksheets) and study that are available on the Apologia Web site. This material is accessible by a password which is listed inside the book.

I drooled got so excited when I opened the package to see this book. The cover, as you can see, is quite engaging and begs for you to open the book and turn the pages. We started off slowly and tried to follow the lesson plan, but after the first few chapters decided to proceed on our own schedule because the lesson plan was a little confusing to follow. The lessons we covered kept the attention of my children (ages 4-9). Although the series is created with children between the ages of 6-14 in mind, my four year old sat with us, listened, and even contributed to the discussions. Canyon told me that he wants his house built on a rock and not sand (study from lesson one) and was even able to explain to me why.

This is the second Apologia product (see the other one) I have had the opportunity to review and I must say that I am definitely sold. I really like the style of teaching and presentation of the material. A worldview study of the Bible is what I have been looking for to share and solidify our Christian faith with our children. I am looking forward to the release of volume 2 because I believe that we are going to continue with this study which has been a nice addition to our curriculum.

Who is God? And Can I Really Know Him? is available for for $39 which is a reasonable price for this sturdy hardback book and quality content. You can see a sample of chapter one and also the table of contents.

You can read more reviews of this item by fellow crew members on The Homeschool Crew Blog.

The product featured in this review was provided to me free of cost by the manufacturer or representing PR agency as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew. The opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.
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