It’s Time, It’s Time

I have been a product/curriculum reviewer for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine this past school year. You can see the variety of products that have been reviewed by the team and the ones I had the opportunity to review this school year. It has already been a busy year and there are a few more reviews to come before the crew cruise comes to an end in May.

I have had the chance to review some products we really enjoyed and work well in our school and also others that didn’t quite work as well. Although TOS tries to accommodate you by offering products to review that fit your school needs and interests, sometimes that may not always be the case. The products are usually offered for a trial or review period (approx. 30 – 60 days and sometimes longer) and others are offered for a lifetime (ex: downloads, books, CDs, etc.) giving you time to see how the product works and to write an honest review of your experience using the product.

Although there is no monetary compensation for the reviews you write or your time writing the reviews, I have found (in this instance) that the products and opportunities often take the place of monetary compensation. Prior to my participation with TOS, I had already chosen the curriculum I use for certain subjects like math (RightStart), language arts (First Language Lessons), and spelling/phonics (Spell to Write & Read and Wise Guide for Spelling) and considered my search complete in those subjects. Although I haven’t changed any of the curriculum we use in those subjects, it has been nice being introduced to many products and companies I may never have tried and was able to use the products as supplements with our schoolwork.

The application process for the 2011-2012 school year has started. If you have an interest in being considered for the new TOS Homeschool Review Crew, then you can get the application and start filling it out.

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