Math Facts NOW! {review}

When we sat down to use Math Facts NOW! River and Lily were both very excited to use the program. So far, I have been fortunate to have two math lovers in my classroom. I am not sure if Canyon is going to follow in the same foot steps, but my bet is on a “yes” because I caught him peeking over their shoulders while they were using this program. I even sat down and went through a few lessons myself because I love math.

Math Facts NOW! is a computer-based program that allows your student to practice and be drilled on equations using the addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division functions. It is easily navigated through from installation/download to the parent setting it up for student use to the student sitting down and using the program.


The program can be customized to suit the needs of the child in the following areas:

• Choose specific math function to practice/drill.
• Choose specific number(s) combinations to practice/drill (1-12, 5’s only, etc.).
• Choose the amount of equations to complete in each lesson.
• Choose how much time for solving each equation.

There is also a BONUS! You have an option to give the student a reward for completing the lesson error-free.

I mentioned the bonus and the program also works to help the student ensure his success (and possibility of earning the bonus) with a friendly reminder of “be careful” when the student is presented with an equation they previously got incorrect. If a student gets an answer wrong, then they are immediately given the opportunity to practice keying the equation with the correct answer rather than waiting until the end of the lesson to practice their error.

The teacher is able to create lessons tailored specifically for each student and also keep record of the student’s progress from a report that is created at the end of each lesson. The report can be viewed only or printed for filing in your records. It provides the following information:

• Lesson (name)
• Started at
• Time Taken
• Total Correctly Answered
• Total Answered Incorrectly
• Total Answered Too Slowly
• Average Time Taken

With this, you can decide if you want the student to redo the lesson, do a different lesson, or decide if they are done for now.

This was the funny and fun part. When I first set Lily up using this program to practice addition and subtraction, I set the timer to give her about eight seconds to solve each problem. Well, eight seconds ticks away rather quickly, so I went in and changed the time to ten seconds. That still was not enough time and we finally settled on twelve seconds which gave her just enough time. She enjoyed herself so much that she wanted to try the multiplication even though we have not started on that function in her math studies yet. I just added more time for her to complete the lesson and she was able to get some practice trying something new.

River also enjoyed using Math Facts NOW!. He loves to compete against the clock and I could see such concentration when he was completing each lesson. Usually when he practices his math functions in class, I follow up with a worksheet to provide him more practice on the material. It was a nice option to be able to offer him a chance to use this program that not only gave him practice with the work, but also gave him a chance to practice using the numbers pad on the keyboard to practice his keying/typing skills.

I really like this program. It is simply easy to use. I did not have to read through pages of instruction to understand how to use it and set it up and my children did not have to have me standing near by for fear of coming across some feature that was totally confusing. We use a lot of manipulatives for math and we now include Math Facts NOW! with our math studies.

One thing I noticed immediately after set-up was the very generic, no-frills interface of the program. It reminded me of the programs I used when I was younger that were grayed, straight to the point in presentation, and purposeful. I was actually surprised by this presentation in a ‘world gone mad‘ with so many bright colors and interactivity. Fortunately, the lack of bright colors, funny talking characters, and flashing pictures did not affect River or Lily’s level of interest in using the program. As far as for my family, we were fine with the presentation and it was nice to not have the computer talk back to me every few minutes. They actually had to read the information rather than depending upon verbal instruction to complete the lesson. Reading to understand is good.

Even though we like those features, an addition of more colors and a adding some interactivity would probably make this program more appealing to a larger audience. Although I am saying that, I am not encouraging it because you can not satisfy everyone and I like the program the way it is now.

Another thing I like is the ability to customize the timer for each student. I have no problem with drilling my children, but everyone does not work at the same speed when they are drilled or “tested” even though they have a good grasp of the material. After letting them practice answering a few equations, I was able to get a feel for each child and knew the amount of time to set for each one because I did not want them to stress while completing the exercises, but I did want them to work at a reasonable speed.

Math Facts NOW! is available on CD or can be downloaded which is an easy install. Both versions are priced at $15.95. I would suggest you buy it now! We received the download version and started using it immediately. You can also try it for free online or as a download.

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The product featured in this review was provided to me free of cost by the manufacturer or representing PR agency as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew. The opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.
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