Pen Pals

I use to write a lot of letters, you know…stamp…mailbox…when I was younger. That was way before E-mail took over and way before anyone knew anything about texting. Technology, you’ve gotta love it, but it has truly spoiled us. When was the last time you sat down and wrote someone a letter? How about just a note? Okay, a postcard? I think so many of us are just a little too impatient and can’t stand the idea of waiting for news to come to us delivered by a little white truck with a bird on it.

Well, before my children get “damaged” by technology and learn that messages can be relayed more quickly than the typical two to three day wait period, we have been taking advantage of opportunities to write to old as well as making a few new friends this year.

Earlier this school year, The Homeschool Village paired boys and girls to become pen pals. I was really excited for my kids to participate because I remembered how much fun I had writing to my pen pals when I was younger. I had one named Gabriel who was from Bowling Green, OH and another who lived in Yugoslavia (her name escapes me now). Unfortunately, I lost touch with both of them, but I recently discovered, on a visit to my grandparent’s house, a wall sized photograph of my pen pal (from Yugoslavia) and her family. It was an interesting find.

River’s pen pal is from Ohio too and Lily’s is from Virginia. Sundays are a dedicated letter or creative writing day and the kids try to write at least once a month. Along with their letter, they draw a picture. After all, letters need pictures. Kind of like, what is a blog without pictures?

The children have enjoyed writing to their pen pals. They also like pulling the little red flag up on our mailbox notifying the mailman of mail to go out. So far, the hardest part is the waiting for a return letter to arrive. River has gotten a good response from his pen pal, but Lily is waiting on a return letter from hers. Oh well, they are not only getting a lesson in letter writing, but also one in patience.

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  • Comment from Tiffany

    Way to go mom! I really want my son to have a pen pal. I think it would be nice for me to have a pen pal too. I remember writing letters. My mother made me write letters to friends and family. At the time I hated it but now I see the benefit. I think this may be something I incorporate into our year next year when Christopher is in first grade.

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