Exploring the Wilderness – Digital Field Trip {review}

digital frog field trips“Spiders and snakes and frogs, oh my!” These are just a few things we saw on our virtual trek through three eco-systems which include the wetlands, the dessert, and the rainforest while going on a virtual field trip created by Digital Frog.

The experiences you will have are described by Digital Frog as the following:

The Wetlands
Learn about wetland ecology without getting your feet wet at a wetland at Cloud Lake in Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada. Learn about bog formation, food webs and photosynthesis.

The Rainforest
Climb into the canopy without leaving the ground as we explore the world’s rainforests, starting at the Blue Creek Rainforest Reserve in Belize, Central America. Learn about interdependencies, botany and biodiversity.

The Desert
From the towering saguaro cacti of Sonoran to the sand dunes of Death Valley, explore the world’s deserts while learning abut climate, geology, homeostasis and adaptations.

We love taking field trips and have not turned down the chance to go on many, but I must admit that given the opportunity to visit a few of these places live might find me refusing and staying at home. My curiosity would be there, but I do not do too well around snakes, spiders, basically anything that crawls. My children, on the other hand, would be right up there raising their hands and asking to be first in line.

I gave the DVD to River, my 3rd grader, and the moment he started the program, all I heard him say was, “cool!” He started with the wetlands fieldtrip and spent some time there reading and learning. The material was good for his academic level. Lily, my 1st grader, enjoyed going through and building a desert, but was not able to read as much of the material alone. I sat down with her and we walked through the desert together which she throughly enjoyed learning about. She created two different deserts one of which you can see above. River and Lily both ended up hanging out in the desert which I think is due to their Cali-roots.

Each field trip is very detailed in instruction. They also provide along with instruction a lot of activities to go with the presented material. This would work well as a full comprehensive study for elementary school students studying these areas or as a supplement for older students also studying these areas.

The DVD is available for $125 which includes all three virtual field trips. You can also purchase the individual field trips for $60 each. If you would like to demo the DVD, then check it out.

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The product featured in this review was provided to me free of cost by the manufacturer or representing PR agency as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew. The opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.
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