Book Nook: Don’t be Silly Mrs. Millie

I’m always, always telling River not to be so silly, but I guess in this instance it is okay. After all, if the school teacher acts a little silly, then you can only expect the children should be able to do the same. The only thing is that it really is not the children, who are acting silly, but it is really and only Mrs. Millie; and boy is she REALLY silly.

With school starting back for so many in the next few weeks (we started last Monday), this story seems quite appropriate for getting the children back into the mood for the beginning of another year full of learning and yes fun. Granted, they will probably not have a teacher like Mrs. Millie and as a parent you would probably not like them too either, you have to appreciate her spirit and enthusiasm and the fact she really is quite funny.

Throughout the course of the day, Mrs. Millie guides and instructs her students as teachers do, but the only thing is she plays with words which results in the most amusing and head scratching statements. Just to give you an idea of the silliness, upon the students’ arrival to school, Mrs. Millie instructs them to, “Please hang up your goats.” (Can you figure that one out?) If the reader doesn’t have a clue as to what Mrs. Millie is talking about, then don’t worry because her students quickly follow up her statements with clarification of what Mrs. Mille really meant to say.

It was fun reading this book with my children and listening to them also correct the silly statements Mrs. Millie made throughout the day. Even River had fun and we all laughed through the reading of the book. Canyon was even able to correct some of the silly statements Mrs. Millie made and his three year old self found her quite silly too.

I am into illustrations and Joe Mathieu does an excellent job of drawing the silly pictures to go along with Mrs. Millie’s silly statements. You can especially see his talent when he draws scenes like the “gorilla cheese sandwich” or my favorite, “come sit on the bug” (not really because I hate bugs) which Mrs. Millie says as story time is about to begin.

This book is all around fun and just as silly the second, third, and fourth time of reading; believe me, I know.

The product featured in this review was checked out from my local library. The opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.
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One Response to “Book Nook: Don’t be Silly Mrs. Millie”

  • Comment from Misty

    Oh, that sounds like such a cute story. I will have to check it out for Murphy Man!


    You are going to have (which I’m sure you already are) a blast reading to Murphy Man. I enjoy reading to my kids, but it has been an added pleasure to watch them transition from audience to reader. Now, River reads to us at night sometimes and Lily gets a book in there too every once in a while.

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