Travel the World! {Review}

Schoolhouse Planner - Travel the WorldEven though we are still traveling across the United States of America, it is always nice to come across an international study curriculum. When we finish our domestic trek, I am going to be ready to start our international travel around the world and finding the right curriculum to continue our geography study is already on my mind. The Schoolhouse Planner – Travel the World appears to be the answer to my search for introductory material when we cross the borders into international territory.

Something I like about products promoted by The Old Schoolhouse is that they are always Biblically based. Although this is not required criteria for the material we use in our school, it just adds a plus to the possibility of us using the material.

The planner opens with an explanation of what is geography. You are probably saying that you already know the definition, but the planner ties the explanation in using Bible verses and breaking down the meaning of the word geography. Simply put, “geo = earth and graphy = write.” We are studying “God’s stage, story, and plan for man on earth.” After all, God made the heavens and the earth and what a great job he did.

When we study the earth, we usually use a globe or a map for locating the areas we are studying. A globe is globe round, sits at an angle on its axis (which is tilted) and rotates much like the way the earth does. A map gives us the opportunity to see the entire world or specific area of study all at once on a flat surface without having to “spin the world.” The reason this is important is because a good understanding of how to interpret a globe and map helps in a better understanding of the study of the continents, their locations, and how all of the parts are interconnected.

Through the use of coordinates which are also labeled on maps and globes, we are able to locate, identify or create a road map, so to say, to the various cities, states, and countries with a global understanding of things like climates, seasons, etc. The planner does a good job of explaining coordinates and continues with an overview of the land (seven continents) and water (five oceans) that make up our world.

There are fun activities that follow the lesson which include a word search, crossword puzzle, and rebus puzzles. A neat activity is the acrostic poem where you use each letter in a word to start a line in a poem. This is challenging and a lot of fun.

The additional activities range from coloring pages so a younger child can be included in the study to manuscript and cursive copywork that focuses on ideas learned in the lesson. I like that recipes are included in the module because we are currently cooking our way across America with every state we study. It would be nice if a variety were offered where at least one vegetarian recipe might be included in future modules.

My Conclusion
One of the features I really like about The Old Schoolhouse material is the amount of resources, links, they provide for additional information that aids the student in their study. I will do the research if necessary, but this E-book makes it so I do not have to because it is thorough with links to resources that enhance the presented material.

This planner provides a good introduction to the study of the continents and oceans and would be best followed up with a more comprehensive study of the individual areas. I may use it when starting our international studies and believe that many of the online resources are ones to keep handy for geography study.

Although a section for highschoolers is included, this planner strikes me as one that is better suited for elementary aged children. This section is new for these modules, along with lapbooking activities, and I believe if these planners continue in the manner of some of the other E-Books offered by The Old Schoolhouse, then they will improve in instruction as more planners are added.

2009-2010 Planner Modules

The price for The Schoolhouse Planner — Travel the World! (June 2010 Module) is $7.95, which is a regular price for each of the individual planners in a module. The other planners in this 2009-2010 module include the following:

Jul 2009 – Summer Fun!   Jan 2010 – Ring in the New Year!
Aug 2009 – Adventures in Reading   Feb 2010 – Beloved Bible Stories
Sept 2009 – Wondrous Weather!   Mar 2010 – Wonders of Flight!
Oct 2009 – Play it Safe!   Apr 2010 – God Created All
Nov 2009 – Checks and Balances   May 2010 – Insects Galore!
Dec 2009 – Out of this World!   June 2010 – Travel the World!

You may also want to consider purchasing the entire module that was completed with this June planner. Each module contains twelve planners starting in the month of July, running into the following year, and ending in June. Purchases are made online and after the transaction, the E-Book(s) is immediately available for use.

You can read more reviews of this item by fellow crew members on The Homeschool Crew Blog.

The product featured in this review was provided to me free of cost by the manufacturer or representing PR agency. The opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.
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5 Responses to “Travel the World! {Review}”

  • Comment from Lori B.

    Great First TOS review. Thanks for helping to make my job easy!

    FM Lori – TOS crew

  • Hello from a fellow TOS crew member. I’m spending a little time checking out some of the the other reviews. Nice job!

  • Comment from Rana

    This sounds really interesting. I think the kids would like to do some of these. I will have to check out the other planners.

  • Comment from Rana

    I just took a look over at the web site. I think I’m going to order a couple of those modules. Do you know if the new modules for 2010/2011 will be coming out soon? I’d be interested in seeing what those offer.

  • Comment from Tiffany

    Can you tell me what you are using for your “domestic trek”? :)


    I put together a worksheet for us to use during our study of the states. You can get a better idea from a previous post I wrote. I am in the process of making some edits to our curriculum because I think some of the material we were previously covering can be left until later grades when they do a more in depth study. Feel free to E-mail me anytime if I can help more.

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