Download N Go™ – Expedition Australia {Review}

Expedition AustraliaFor the past few months, we have been studying our way across the beautiful United States of America. One reason I decided to start our geography trot domestically was because I figure my children will probably visit these states before they have the opportunity to head out of the country. Another reason is since I have not been out of the country, I am hesitant to discuss a land faraway. I know like in the United States, there are so many bits and pieces that make a country what it is and I don’t want to miss a thing when it comes to introducing and teaching my children about a place so foreign to me. No worries. The Download and Go™ Expedition Australia E-Book gave me the courage to leave familiar soil and go to the Land Down Under.

If you are going to study a foreign country, then Australia is not a bad place to start. The Wiggles hail from there, everyone loves to say “Shrimp on the barbie,” even though it isn’t even an Australian expression, and who isn’t a fan of Crocodile Dundee (I’m not, but Darling D is)?

Expedition Australia walks you through the country of Australia in five days. The daily objectives are laid out so the student knows what will be studied and to what depth the topic is covered each day. An overview of the days is as follows:

Day 1: Where on Earth is Australia
Day 2: Some of the Special Places in Australia
Day 3: A Bit of Australian History
Day 4: Cool Things to Know About Australia
Day 5: Fun and Games in Australia

Expedition Australia

Every day the student completes regular sections like the geographic feature of the day, Australian word of the day, Australian animal of the day, and weather here and there where the student compares the weather and temperature of an Australian city to the same of his own city.

Although there are worksheets to use and guide the student through the daily assignments, they should also have access to a computer close at hand. The reason is because each day has a lot of links to material that enhance the learning experience from viewing a cute picture of a Koala bear to a 30 minute video clip of a sunset at Ayers Rock, also known as Uluru, that was compressed into about 1:30 minutes of viewing time.

Every day of this study is full of a lot of learning and a lot of fun, and we still haven’t covered the games and family fun ideas. If you enjoy lapbooking or have an interest in learning, then this program includes a section on getting started as well as has you creating the pieces and completing a lapbook by the end of the study.

I also like the suggested recipes because we often cook a dish representing the state, or in this instance, the country we are studying.

5 Things we Learned

  • The original inhabitants of Australia were Aborigines.
  • The capital of Australia is Canberra.
  • Australians call candies lollies. River likes lollies.
  • Australians call cotton candy fairy floss.
  • Along with eucalyptus leaves and bark, koalas also like to east mistletoe.

Take a peek at Expedition Australia.

My Conclusion
This E-Book is very comprehensive and my children were not the only ones who learned something during our studies. I can even show you where Australia is on the map. Actually, you can’t really miss it.

This E-Book is for children K-4th grade. I believe older students, 1st grade and up, would probably appreciate the entire lesson a little bit more (and so would some mommies) because of the reading required to complete the lessons. Students who have a good grasp on reading would be able to complete some of the sections on their own. If your kindergartner is not yet a reader, then that should not stop you from introducing this E-Book to him because there is so much for them to learn and you might learn quite a bit yourself from working on the lesson with them.

The many, many links, and the book resources were wonderful to have to share with the children when covering new concepts and learning vocabulary words. This E-Book has everything in place ready for you to start teaching your children immediately. The only outside materials you might need are a few of the suggested reading books. Otherwise, the study is complete all by itself. I like curriculum like this that is well organized and has everything laid out so I know where I am going in my instruction.

We were taking one week to cover our state studies and that barely seemed like enough time, so I found it difficult to cover an entire country in one week. Even though this program is well organized with a daily schedule of study, there is a lot of information to cover. I believe the one week program would be better comprehended by the student if the material were spread out over a two week period.

We really enjoyed this study and I am looking forward to the newest release of Download N Go™ – Expedition China, which is scheduled to be released next week, and Download N Go™ Expedition Mexico, which is expected for release the second week in May. Expedition Ireland is already available.

We got to visit Australia and take it all in from the comfort of our home. Maybe one day, we’ll take our cousins up on their invitation and visit them in Melbourne, Australia.

The price for individual Download N Go™ E-Books is $7.95. I love the price. If you would like to purchase more books in the series, then you may want to consider purchasing a subscription. Studies are released weekly and you can subscribe to receive the newest release as it becomes available or purchases studies of your choice. Learn more about subscription pricing.

What country have you been dreaming of visiting?

The product featured in this review was provided to me free of cost by the manufacturer or representing PR agency. The opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced by monetary compensation.
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