Too Bad You Missed the Party

One of my fondest memories of attending school was when the books were closed – even though I liked learning – and someone’s mother came in with a tray of cupcakes to celebrate her child’s birthday. You see, I like to party. I may not do it often, but I enjoy relaxing, having a good time, and sitting down to eat good food; in celebration of something is fine too. If you’ve figured it out, yes, I am the product of public school education. Although I didn’t turn out so badly, Darling D and I still thought it better for all of us to educate our children in a different manner, which I guess I should share with you all one day.

Well, it was fun having parties at school and I thought that maybe my children deserved the opportunity to enjoy some of the same fun I had when I was younger. We’re part of a homeschool support group where we get together and often one of the activities we have are parties for the various holidays that pop up every month on the calendar. So my children are use to partying too and rather like it.

The only thing is that partying at our homeschool meeting and actually having a party in your school is a little bit different. At least in our case, it was because the preparation for the party was part of our school day and it sure was fun (for me too) getting everything ready for the big bash.

Instead of going out for the party, Unknown School Name – we still haven’t chosen a name for our school – brought the party in and we had it in class.

We started making a few things, which included their hats, a few days before so there would be more time for real fun. I found the St. Patrick’s Day hat pattern at Free Kid’s Crafts and they colored them and cut out all of the pieces, so all we had to do on party day was put them together.

We used part construction and part standard loose leaf paper with everyone putting their own twist on the colors they would find in their rainbow.

Of course every rainbow, regardless of color needs to have a pot of gold at the end.

Okay, I must admit Lily looks a little bizarre in expression, but take away the crazy Leprechaun look and you’ve got a cute little girl with a pot of gold hat on her head, which I guess is still a little bizarre.

The cookie dough was prepared one day ahead so all of the ingredients could marinate and we would have really soft and yummy cookies.

Our plan worked.

We made a cake and since cupcake vs. cake wasn’t decided until the last minute, we had to improvise with a few of our decorating detail. Oreo cookies were used for our pot and the kids found some butterscotch candies in their candy bags that never seem to have a bottom and we used those pieces as gold.

I’m still not really sure if this was an accidental hand in the side of the cake or a reason to taste test before it was time to eat the cake. What do you think?

I found enough Jelly Bellies in the pantry to make a decent rainbow.

A lot of these flavors are the ones that get left over towards the end like being chosen last on a team for Dodge Ball.

They played a few games doing a word search and a matching game I found at Our Worldwide Classroom. Besides this matching game, Kylie has some really great educational ideas for homeschoolers.

I wasn’t sure, but I thought Canyon was under there somewhere.

By this time, everything was ready to eat. They were rather patient as I got the serving trays and turned the food this way and that way to get some decent pictures. I was ready to eat too about that time.

I think they got their share of sugar because this plate was left with no takers.

They didn’t do too poorly “chowing down” on the fruit and vegetables either.

Man, I sure wish you could have been there because we had a blast!

Here is a little trivia about me. When I was in elementary school, I took Irish dancing lessons and participated in the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade. I may have been the first little Black girl jigging-it-up in that parade, but there are a lot of Black Irish people out there. Many would not have thought so, but I’m not surprised.

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