The Pole Meeting

“Speak for your servant is listening!” 1 Samuel 3:10

We’ll meet you at the pole, flagpole that is, along with several other thousand young people (elementary through college) across the country to pray. Have you ever stood still and listened for a word from God? More than 15 years ago, a group of teens listened to a word from God, followed in obedience, and from that a prayer movement was born. To this day, See You at the Pole™ continues to bring together young people in one of the largest, organized student prayer events. It has grown to global proportions including participation from students around the world.

On Wednesday, September 23, young people around the world will meet at 7am (time specific to your area) at flagpoles on school campuses to pray for “their friends, schools, and leaders.” Although most prayer meetings will be at school flagpoles, which are an easily identifiable location on school campuses, there are many students who will be meeting at alternative locations, which include designated churches, parking lots, etc. If there isn’t an organized meeting place near you, then don’t let that stop you. My children and I are going to pray in our backyard. The idea is to PRAY!

To learn more about this inspiring and uplifting event, visit the See You at the Pole™ Web site and learn how you too can participate. Let us know if you participated and what you did.

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