Book Nook: The Lost Tooth Club

I’ve never been much of a cliquish, club, keep people in, keep people out kind of girl. The closest I ever came to joining a cliquish anything was when I pledged a theatrical fraternity in college. No, not sorority, but a coed fraternity, Theta Alpha Phi. If you think pledges in a typical women or men only scenario are subjected to humiliation, then you haven’t seen anything until you see a Theta Alpha Phi pledge. Actors live to embarrass themselves and so do the ones pledging them. I won’t say that experience shaped my opinion negatively or positively about joining because I actually had a lot of fun, but let’s just say I’m a little bit more exclusive when it comes to joining, anything.

I wouldn’t necessarily say that Olivia is a joiner either, but “more than anything else in the world,” she wants to join the most important club in the world: The Lost Tooth Club. Just with any club, there are requirements necessary for her to complete before she can even be considered. Yep, you guessed it! She needs to have lost a tooth. She looks a little like my Lily did a few months ago. Olivia has a loose tooth, but it isn’t a lost tooth. A small technicality, yes, but it is enough to keep her out of the club.

This Lost Tooth Club is pretty cool where the members get to wear badges, eat pudding and mash potatoes at the soft food parties, and draw cool pictures of how they lost their teeth. This is Olivia’s kind of fun. Despite her attempts at prodding and pulling her tooth for it to come out, with her best efforts, it doesn’t work and she still finds herself with a mouth full of teeth.

Olivia comes up with a few creative ideas as to how she can make a loose tooth become a lost tooth; none of which include actually loosing her tooth. With a black marker in hand, she tries disguising her loose tooth. When that doesn’t work, Olivia doesn’t stop there, but finds a new use for black licorice and realizes how a white pebble amazingly resembles a lost tooth. The club members don’t fall for her trickery because trickery never works. Isn’t that what we teach our children?

Just a little bit angry and defeated, Olivia storms off determined to start her own club; The Loose Tooth Club. She will be the president and her noble stead of a dog Petey, surprisingly, will be the reason she gets to join the Lost Tooth Club. Accidents will happen or better yet, we shouldn’t always try to rush through life and its rewards. God has a plan. Don’t be in such a hurry. This is a good lesson for all of us here.

As a mommy, I often look at the milestones of my children with a little dismay and a sense of loss, but have to remember that these are exciting times for them. Arden Johnson captures the child’s side of loosing a first tooth and also how important what we, as parents, may consider one of the many little things in life, really have great meaning to them.

This is Lily when her tooth finally came out. Fortunately, she didn’t experience any angst like Olivia.

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  • Comment from Arden Johnson

    I wanted to send a big hooray to Lili ! My daughter was the inspiration for me to write The Lost Tooth Club. I thought everyone eventually looses a tooth and becomes a member. Even older people on their second round of loosing teeth wanted a badge. The next book coming out is THE SWIM CLUB…..Alex wanted to learn how to swim more than anything in the world……There was only one problem: he was afraid of the water………… I wrote and illustrated this about because of so many children unnecessarily drowning, due to not knowing how to swim. Bye Bye….Arden

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