It is Now Time

Every time I sit down to plan for our upcoming school year, I get just a little bit excited. I have flashbacks to more than seven years ago when I first pushed River in a stroller at the annual CHEA Convention. Here I am, two more children later and NOW that little man is about to start the second grade as a homeschooled student. It hasn’t been easy and although my confidence level falls every once in a while (this happens less with each new school year), I reassure myself that this is the path God has chosen for our family and I jump back in with the comfort and confidence that Darling D and I are academically competent parents and able to educate our children.

We have been homeschooling our children, as do all parents every time they teach their child something, since they were all capable of learning. Why, once a child turns five or six, does a parent believe he is no longer competent enough to teach his child as they have been doing for the first years of their life and decide to send them off to be taught by another? I don’t know. The first seven years have been great, River, Lily, and Canyon have learned (sometimes without my assistance), and we are going to continue teaching, learning, and having fun at home as long as God provides the opportunity, the guidance, the wisdom, and the finances for this journey.

I am extremely excited about what I am going to learn (the first time and second time around), what our children will learn and share with us, and catching a glimpse of the sparkle in their eyes when something all of a sudden makes sense. It has been exciting teaching River and Lily how to read and listening to now both of them read to Canyon as well as to Darling D and me. They still do prefer it when Mommy or Daddy (or even Gramm or Granddaddy) does the reading, but at least they can do so for themselves.

I finally was able to gather all of the resources we will use this school year. If you homeschool, then you know that often what you plan to use could possibly change at any moment, but I’m really liking the choices we made for this school year so far. We are year-around-homeschoolers and since I only do well planning portions of school at a time (two weeks in advance, etc.), some of the material only takes us through that study so I will be looking for other resources to use for future study in those areas. For now, this is what I have come up with:

River (2nd grade), Lily (K), and Canyon (Pre-K)

Art: online resources
Bible Study: the Bible
Devotion: Keys for Kids and Field Guide to Bible Promises
Geography: States
History: Heroes in Black History
Language Arts/Literature: Spell to Write & Read and W.I.S.E. Guide for Spelling (online support for both), Cursive First, and Letter of the Week (online support)
Logic/Critical Thinking: EdHelper
Math: RightStart Mathematics, EdHelper, and Financial Peace Jr.: Teaching Kids About Money!
Music: The Story of the Orchestra
Nature/Eco-Studies: Handbook of Nature Study using a Handbook of Nature Study online guide
P.E./Health/Fitness: Just busy bike riding, running, etc and we may do the Presidential Fitness Challenge next year
Science: Children’s Human Body Encyclopedia, The Original Backyard Scientist, Bubbles, Rainbows and Worms, and Experiment of the Week

I’m still trying to figure out how I am going to manage through the week teaching everything. When I figure it out, I will let you know. Until then, our brains will be going in all sorts of directions learning a whole lot of stuff. There are so many things I want to teach my children and I’m also looking forward to learning myself.

I am expectant, sometimes overwhelmed, and incredibly excited about beginning this new school year. Pray for my children and me (“pleeeeeze” – because I really need it). As you know, these years are going to go by quickly. Give them the best that you can, teach them everything you know, and all the rest you can learn together.

What plans did you make for the new school year? What curriculum are you using? Are you taking any cool field trips?

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2 Responses to “It is Now Time”

  • Comment from Rana

    You sound like you have a pretty full schedule. I’d like to know how you are going to do it all too. Please share your schedule when you get it set up.

    Thanks too for sharing your history lessons “Heros in black history” that sounds interesting. Tell me how that goes for you. We might incorporate that later on this year. Right now we are using Story of the World and we seem to be doing good with it. I would also like to do more field trips. We will have to see how it goes.

  • Comment from Dee

    Your curriculum looks great. Unfortunately, we still aren’t homeschooling yet (unless you count Finch who is 4). But I just got the Rainbow Resource catalog and really really hope we are able to make the leap next school year.

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