My Brain is Warped

Actually, that is a whole other subject of discussion. I don’t usually fall for gadget-like or electronic children’s games. They are created to grab the attention of children, which they do, and usually end up costing parents a pretty penny for something that will be played with for all of five minutes because I can’t take the annoying noise and promote entertainment where children don’t really have to think or be creative. They turn it on, it works, and they become instantly mesmerized.

Since we were on vacation, the children were able to play with a lot of games that we don’t have at home. All of them were parent approved, but I never bought them those particular items. Lily played with the cars and boats while River dismantled the roadway and reconfigured it a few times. I see engineering in his future.

Canyon (a miniature version of my husband) picked up the construction tools and walked around repairing anything that needed fixing in the house. I’m sure his Aunt Mary Kay was appreciative.

And then, there was this game. I spent two days listening to it boing, bonk, and bark out instructions on how it was to be properly used. The noise was tolerable because we were on vacation, but the programmed verbal bossiness was a little more than I cared to give attention to. The game managed to make it through all the hands that came through the house which included my children as well as the relatives who came over to see us while we were visiting. My husband even picked it up and played. There was a lot of laughter around it and everyone who used it seemed to be having fun. I couldn’t take it any longer and decided to play it before we left.

The game is called Brain Warp. You turn it on, it works, you become instantly mesmerized, and it is sooooo much fun! Brain Warp uses your visual and hearing senses, tests your color identification, and challenges your agility. The programmed voice says a color name and you turn the ball so that color is pointing straight up (toward the ceiling). It sounds easy yes, but as each new color is called, the speed of color calling increases, so you really have to be listening and have a good grasp of your colors as well as be very coordinated. On top of that, you have to turn the ball to the new color in one motion. I heard a few people calling the game a cheater while they were playing because they didn’t follow the one motion rule. Cheater? Llike the game even cares.

It is a great learning tool that you can use as a manipulative in school. I plan to get one and use it for having a blast in school as an educational toy. Brain Warp is mostly for older children and adults, but Lily (5) and River (7) had fun playing with it too. I just made sure they didn’t become frustrated when the game was less than encouraging when it rudely announces at the end of the game, “This game is finished,” but that is part of the fun. Canyon even had fun using it because he is learning his colors. He didn’t keep up with the speed of the color calling and never won, but don’t tell him it isn’t a great toy. If you take the “winning” element away and treat it as a teaching tool, then it works well in class.

If you’re ready for a challenge, a little fun, and for your brain to become a little warped, then this is the toy for you.

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  • Comment from Rana

    This looks like a lot of fun. I’m going to check that out. Btw we read “Dancing in the Wings” what a great book. I’m going on Amazon to buy it. Thanks for suggesting it. My daughter is a ballerina at heart.

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