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oscarI couldn’t have picked a better time to become a homeschooler. I’m fashionable – I can wear T-shirts and sweat pants anytime I want, my children are desirable – businesses, colleges and universities are starting to consider homeschoolers viable contributers to the population, and we’re live and on “television” – We now have our own version of You Tube. I’m proud to introduce you to Homeschool View Tube.

Homeschool View Tube is brought to you by a homeschool family, of course, is Christian-based, and provides a video sharing site for you to “share, show, and teach, while glorifying God.” It is safe for you as well as your children to view the videos that are shared on the site without having to worry about the extra advertisement of other, sometimes offensive, videos that are displayed at the end of watching a video on the mainstream sites. It is like not having to worry about what your children hear on K-Love. You don’t have to worry about what they see or hear on Homeschool View Tube. All of the videos are carefully screened before they are uploaded and included on the site.

There are tutorials, music videos, and all sort of contributions that will make your homeschool experience a little easier. This can be a great motivator and an opportunity for your budding film maker to create his own video for sharing at the site. Performances and presentations are given by children of all ages. This isn’t just a site for parents and teachers.

Yes, of course! You can’t have a homeschool video site without a Hawkins family video. If you know the family, then you’re probably already laughing. If you’ve never heard of the family then let me introduce you to them.

So, if you ever dreamed of seeing yourself in pictures, then this may be your chance to shine. If you are ready for your close-up, then let the cameras roll. The red carpet is not included.

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