Sewing to Summer

I have to say…I originally started this plan last year. I was excited and the expectation of having a nice wardrobe of summer clothes and making room in my house was more than enough motivation. At least, that is what I thought. Well, I did manage to make a few clothes (or rather finish projects I already started) like these here and this one here too, but my big ideas and dreams of starting and finishing several pieces of clothing before the arrival of summer was just that; a dream.

I like to sew. I’m not a seamstress. I just like to sew. Because I like to sew, that means I like to collect fabric and I like to collect a lot of fabric. When I moved across country, I brought two very large boxes of fabric with me along with a couple of full bolts (flats and tubes) of fabric that at the time of purchase, I envisioned making…hmm, something really cool, but I don’t remember what now.

So here I sit, almost three years after the move, still surrounded by boxes and a few more boxes of fabric. Since we don’t have space like we use to, I know something has to be done and quickly before I am forced to “toss and suffer the loss.” This got me thinking and I came up with a plan.

Most of the fabric I have is light-weight, like for spring and summer clothing. In the midst of rainy days, freezing temperatures, and weekly snow warnings of snow that never comes, but really should because it’s so darn cold, I decided I’m going to fight back! It may be winter outside, but inside with my sewing machine and me, all I can see are summer days ahead.

This is what my closet looks like right now. It’s empty (at least this section). By the time summer really arrives, I expect this area to be full of summer clothes. I am going to sew through my fabric piles until there is nothing left or until summer arrives. Either way, I’ll have a new wardrobe, more space in my house, and an excuse a justifiable reason to buy more fabric after everything is sewn.

Here are a few pieces in my stash. Do you see why I couldn’t give these away? I don’t know what, but they are going to make nice whatever they become, ‘tops, bottoms, or full body somethings’ when they are finished. I have decided there will be no pressure. I will sew at my leisure, but am committed to keep going until all of it is a piece of clothing. Just think, if I could finish something each week until summer, then I would have more than 25 new pieces of clothing. Yes, I have that much fabric and more.

Ahh, I learned my lesson last year. So, the new plan is to complete at least ONE sewing project a month until summer arrives which is Wednesday, June 20.

This is where YOU come into the picture. If you have some sewing projects you want to start, continue, or finish, then let’s hang out together for the next few months and see what we can accomplish through June. I am going to have a link-up each month on the following dates: 2/20, 3/20, 4/20, 5/20, and the final date 6/20. On each date, we are going to share something we have sewn and finished. It can be an article of clothing, home design, craft, or some other project that involves sewing and using up pieces of fabric that you have. I know there will be slip-ups along the way where you may purchase fabric and instead of reducing your stash you add to it. Believe me, that is fine and I totally understand. You just have to use one (or more – share as many projects as you want) of your fabric pieces.

Every once in a while, Lily will reap the benefits of my efforts and River and Canyon might even see something come out of it for themselves. Nothing can stop me now. I just need to remember to keep my fingers (and thumb) out of the way.

If you’re ready to see my first project, then take a look.

You can grab one of the cute “Sewing to Summer” buttons below to use on your blog sidebar and posts if you like, but it isn’t required for you to participate. I’m just hoping this will motivate others as I am motivated to finally sew up a few of my fabric piles.

Are you ready to link up? Click here!

The Forever {to Make} Dress

I feel like I’ve been talking about this dress forever. When I looked back on previous posts in this section, then I realize that I have been talking about this dress forever. It could be because it seems like it took me forever to make.Well, I’m done. I finished it a while ago, but I never shared any pictures with you of Lily wearing her new dress. If you know Lily, then you know that it is quite difficult to have her just stand in one place (and be quiet). She has to either sing or dance.

Sometimes, it is both and she doesn’t just sing for you, but she sings for anyone within a three mile radius to hear. She is just that considerate.

Well, this dress made her want to just dance and dance she did.

I didn’t want her hair to be bare so I made her a matching head band to wear. It hasn’t spurred the crafty hair-bow making magic in me, but I’m sure I’ll make a few more hair accessories for her before she turns 18.

I love her in dresses and am going to have to get an earlier start for next spring and summer because it took me so long to make this one. Dance on Lily! Mommy will give you something to really dance about next year.

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