Sewing to Summer {take four}

I am totally hating to type this, but maybe, public embarrassment is exactly what I need at this point. What if someone threw a link-up party and that someone stopped in the middle (or kind of sort of near that) or never even showed up to participate. Well, for the past three years, that has been me. I threw the party, Sewing to Summer. I even had committed participants, but somewhere after the second month, I just didn’t keep up. I even had one year where my first post never made it to my blog.

Well, I am hoping this year will be different. I’m not one to make New Year’s resolutions, I make goals. The difference, resolutions are ideas and goals are ideas that have a plan and get implemented. This year, I have set a goal to finally finish this project with some really nice clothes and the satisfaction that I can actually complete the task.

I even have more motivation, because I have started working out again and am looking forward to a new wardrobe. It’s time for me to move out of my sweatpants and start looking like I didn’t just roll out of the bed. Also, once the weather warms, I won’t be able to cover my dowdy wear with a heavy coat without looking a little ridiculous.

My fabric piles are just as high as they were when I originally started the project. In fact, just as with any person who sews, I added some pieces to my stash. Actually, the original purpose of this project was to get rid of my fabric piles, but this year, I am removing that restriction. I will first look through my existing stash for something to make, but if a piece of fabric catches my eye while I’m at a fabric store, then I am purchasing it. All I want to do this year is return to sewing. I’ve missed it and whatever it takes is what I will do to bring it back into my life.

There will be no pressure on me (or you) in participation. I am only going to commit to finishing one piece of clothing each month through the first day of summer, which is Saturday, June 21. If I happen to maybe make two or more things in one month, then just call me happy, but one is all I am striving for now.

This is where you come into the picture. If you have some sewing projects you want to start, continue, or finish, then let’s hang out together for the next five months and see what we can accomplish through June. This is not only a fun link-up for you, but also any already sewing or want-to-learn how to sew children that you may have. I’m hoping that my daughter (and sons) will complete some projects to share.

I am going to have a link-up each month on the following dates: Tuesday, January 21; Friday, February 21; Friday, March 21; Monday, April 21; Wednesday, May 21; and Saturday, June 21.

On each date, we are going to share something (or many things) we have sewn and finished. It can be an article of clothing, home design, craft or some other project that involves hand or machine sewing. If you’re a fabric hoarder like me, then hopefully you will use some fabric pieces you already have. That is my main reason for doing this project; the fabric has taken over. Also, I paid a lot to cart this fabric across country when we moved, so I’ve already invested in it more than once. It’s time to see the fruits.

You can grab one of the cute Sewing to Summer buttons below to use on your blog sidebar and posts if you like, but it isn’t required for you to participate. I’m just hoping this will encourage others (especially me) to finally sew down a few of their fabric piles.

Do you want to join me? Leave a comment on this post and remember to return on Tuesday, January 21 to link-up and show what you have made. Happy sewing!

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9 Responses to “Sewing to Summer {take four}”

  • Comment from Chris

    Hi Jennifer~
    This sounds great…I am visiting from TOS message boards and I love the idea.
    I have a couple of sewing posts in my draft folder that i really need to get published….I do an “Artful friday” series…most fridays I blog on art or music projects/seasonal or faith crafts.
    My son is a sew-er and has made many items (pillows, costumes for himself and his stuffed animals, “monster” stuffed animals) over the past few years…I am turning his projects in posts for my art series and hope it’s ok to link those posts up here.I understnad if it’s not acceptable. (Since I’m not actually the one doing the sewing!)

    Thanks Jennifer.
    Looking fwd to getting to know you through your blog and grabbing a button now.

    Have a lovely day and a very happy and peaceful 2014~


    It would be fine for you to share the sewing projects you have completed. I would enjoy seeing the sewing projects your son is working on too. My boys also like to sew, but my daughter has been getting after me to begin her lessons again, so I know that she is ready.

    Just link your son’s (and your sewing projects too) up each month. Along with getting rid of sewing piles, I hope others will be encouraged to just sew.

  • We are in starting in February! Got a quilt in the works now, and two fleece hoodies in the wings. Not to mention a formal dress. My seamstress, college daughter is home- let the sewing begin! ;) Thanks for giving this another try!


    I’m sure that you’re excited about having your daughter home. It sounds like both of you will have a lot of fun sewing together. I would love to see the formal dress. Yes, I’ve got to keep trying until I make it to the summer. I’m glad both of you will be along for the experience.

  • I’m in. This should be summer stuff, or anything we sew from now until summer? And are we posting current works, or things that have already been completed?

    I’m also coming from the TOS boards. :)

    Thanks for the motivation to do some fun sewing.

    Jody, you are not limited to summer wear or clothing. All I hope that you will do is make new items from the fabric stash that you have. If you are currently working on something or have projects that were set aside and never finished, then those may also be included.

  • Comment from Nancy

    I want to make a quilt. I have never made one before. I also want to start cooking and eating right. And lastly we pay for a gym membership that I never use so I want to work out aging. I used to be such a better mommy when I work out. So those are my goals.

  • Comment from Mary

    I would love to see Chris’s son’s projects. My son, 9, has been asking me to teach him to sew. He wants to make costumes for some of his stuffed animals. I keep procrastinating because I’m just not sure where to start teaching him. I no longer have a fabric stash as I donated it several years ago when it looked like I’d never get back to sewing again. I guess I’ll have to start a new stash.

  • Comment from Shecki

    My daughter and I are reviewing a sewing DVD right now, and it reminds me how much I miss being in the sewing room.

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  • Comment from Tiffany

    I think I will join in. One piece a month is doable.

  • Comment from Beth@Weavings

    I am going to strive for this, though there may be few months I fail. I am good to go this month though!

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