Sewing to Summer: a dress and some pants

Whenever I think about this Sewing to Summer experience, I get excited. I have some beautiful piles of fabric that would be even more beautiful if they were something to wear. I’m more of a clothing seamstress than a decorator seamstress. Most of the fabric pieces I have are spring and summer fabrics (hence, Sewing to Summer), which is typically the type of clothing I prefer to make.

I still haven’t accepted the fact that now we live in a state where winter clothing is actually necessary. Maybe, I’ll tackle something later this year for the colder months.

The piece you see above is one I started to transform last year and never got started, BUT this year is totally different. Do you want to see what I did? One project I finished is something I started a while back (a dress for me) and the other is one that never got going (pants for Lily).

I made these pants for Lily.

She loves the flowers and purple is one of her favorite colors thanks to me.

They are Capri pants. I have a solid purple eyelet fabric that I bought to make her a top. Hopefully, I will be able to find a pattern that only requires the amount of fabric that I have. You see, that is one of the problems of buying fabric for a project and not finishing it on time. The recipient of the outfit grows up.

I finished this dress for me. It is a peasant like dress that I have to wonder if I may just be a little too old to wear it outside of the house. It will be worn, but it may be a nice house dress.

I purchased the fabric off of the scrap/reduced table. I know that you have to be careful about that, but I carefully looked over the piece and eveything looked okay. I was surprised to find some buttons that matched the fabric so well.

The dress is very loose fitting and may work better worn over something. It’s definitely a summer dress.

The waist is gathered. The dress seemed so boring by the time you got to the skirt, so I decided to add something. I wet the skirt portion of the dress, twisted the skirt and then tied it. I’m not sure if you can see it, but I now have a gathered effect on the bottom and it looks great.

Something that you will learn abut me over the next many months of Sewing to Summer is that I do a lot of top stitching. I’m not really sure if I just love to do it or if I do it because I’m addicted top stitching. It’s kind of like ironing as you sew. When I sew, I iron often.

I had to add something else special. Are you able to see the top stitching on the bottom of the sleeve?

I did a decorative top stitch around the bottom of the sleeves and on the skirt of the dress. It kind of looks like huts. One tip, buy extra thread just in case you decide to top stitch. Fortunately, I already had plenty on hand. Just as I have a lot of fabric, I have quite a few bags of thread.

For you skirt flippers, here is the inside of the dress. Hate me if you will, but I like the clothing I make to look just as good on the outside as it does on the inside; like I could wear it inside out and it still looks nice.

How did you do with your first project? Did you go the clothing route or opt for a decorative piece? Please share your link below.

I already have a few things lined up to start and finish for next month. I am feeling like some skirts.

*I’ll see you back here next month on Thursday, March 21.*

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  • Comment from Shecki

    I think your dress would be fine to wear out and about. Nice work! I’ll be back later to link up. :)

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