Sewing to Summer take three

This is my third attempt at my Sewing to Summer project. You see, I began it in January 2011. I had all of these creative ideas of all of the wonderful outfits I was going to make. I had a stash of beautiful fabric that I was going to use and I was ready. Then, sometime during the beginning of February, my priorities shifted and the idea of sewing anything got pushed aside and soon forgotten.

Again in 2012, I attempted to complete the project. I even had some wonderful ladies who were going to join me: Jessica at Modest Momma, Martha at The Joy of School and Alyson at Family Style School. Again, somewhere around the beginning of February, something happened. I never completed the project.

Although they didn’t grow, my fabric piles remain and once again, I am challenging myself to get started and hopefully this year, sew to summer. I’m determined to accomplish my goal this year and am inviting you to join me. I would really love to purchase some new fabric and I’m not going to do that until I get rid of most of all of the fabric I currently have stashed around my home.

No pressure here, so I am only going to commit to finishing one piece of clothing each month through the first day of summer, which is Friday, June 21. If I happen to maybe make two or more things in one month, then just call me happy, but ONE is all I am striving for now.

This is where YOU come into the picture. If you have some sewing projects you want to start, continue, or finish, then let’s hang out together for the next five months and see what we can accomplish through June. I am going to have a link-up each month on the following dates: Thursday, February 21; Thursday, March 21; Sunday, April 21; Tuesday, May 21; and the final day, Friday, June 21.

On each date, we are going to share something (or many things) we have sewn and finished. It can be an article of clothing, home design, craft or some other project that involves hand or machine sewing. If you’re a fabric hoarder like me, then hopefully you will use some fabric pieces you already have. That is my main reason for doing this project; the fabric has taken over. Also, I paid a lot to cart this fabric across country when we moved, so I’ve already invested in it more than once. It’s time to see the fruits.

You can grab one of the cute Sewing to Summer buttons below to use on your blog sidebar and posts if you like, but it isn’t required for you to participate. I’m just hoping this will encourage others (especially me) to finally sew down a few of my fabric piles.

Do you want to join me? Leave a comment on this post and remember to return on Thursday, February 21 to link-up and show what you have made. Happy sewing!

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5 Responses to “Sewing to Summer take three”

  • Comment from Renata

    I love, love, love this idea. I’m going to say ‘ count me in’ & see if it motivates me to pull out some projects that are sitting there. Of course over here it’s ‘sewing to winter’, but it still works :) Fun!!!

  • Comment from Michele P

    I am in! Thanks for the kick in the seat to get started. Actually, to actually FINISH all of those half started projects! Can’t wait to see everyone’s masterpieces!

  • Comment from Tonya

    Please count me in!! I love this idea as I have several quilts I would like to get finished :)

  • Comment from Katrina

    I’ve got lots of sewing projects for kids to make over on my website. you can even watch a free lesson to make a hair bow. Katrina Marie (

  • Comment from Tiffany

    I see that you have struggled with this over the past few years. I think I will join you if you take it up again next year. I’m a newbie but I make deals with myself that I can’t sew until everything else is done. So I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to accomplish but I’m motivated.

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