Sewing to Summer – Project#1

So, here it is. This is the fabric piece that is going to go from being absolutely nothing to a fabulous something. I will tell you that the piece of clothing is going to become something for Lily. The question is, will it be a top, a bottom, or a full body something?

* What do you think?*

You can read more about my Sewing to Summer project. If you would like to link-up, then do so here. Please include a picture of the fabric you are using and any ideas if you know what it will become. Also, if you would like, then share pictures of your sewing area. I sew everywhere in my house because I don’t have a dedicated space. It may be time to make one since I’ll be sewing to summer.

If you would like (although not required), then feel free to grab a button to include in your post or side bar.

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5 Responses to “Sewing to Summer – Project#1”

  • Comment from Vickie

    I can see this pretty piece of fabric as a fun and floaty sundress with a matching floppy brimmed sunhat :)

  • Comment from Rana

    That fabric is pretty! I see a skirt or sundress in Lily’s future. I would love to link up to this. Only I need some lessons. My mom was the Queen when it came to sewing. I plan on pulling out her machine and getting acquainted with it next month. We shall see what happens!

  • Comment from Lisa Rose

    Hmmm … lets see, it is so pretty, I think it would make a lovely peasant top or dress maybe.

  • Comment from Martha

    That is lovely fabric and will make something very pretty. Can’t wait to see.


  • Comment from Tiffany

    I love the fabric. I think it will be a dress.

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