Just in Time for the End of Summer

Well, I am happy to say that I did finish and with about 22 more days of summer to go. One thing that is good about living on this side of the map is that it will be warm enough for at least one, maybe two more months for Lily to wear the dress. After taking a look at it almost two months ago, I set the dress down again and every time I went to my sewing closet, there is was staring me hard in the face. I didn’t like that especially since the dress won the stare-down.

I have been trying to go through my fabric piles and sew up what I have before buying anything new. That is the same for any notions (buttons, thread, etc.), so instead of buying buttons special for this dress, I dug into my bag of loose buttons and found these for her to choose from to go on her dress. I use to buy buttons (like one buys shoes to go with something they’ll later buy) because they were pretty. So along with my bag of loose buttons I also have another big bag of buttons that are still on their cards waiting for that perfect outfit they will adorn.

She chose this pair. I liked another, but after sewing them on the dress, her dress, I thought she made an excellent decision.

I really like how the top-stitching turned out on this dress. It still looks dressy with its gaudy gold top-stitching.

I use to double-fold my seams where there would be no raw edges showing anywhere, but sergers just make it too easy, save a lot of time, and still give me that neat look I like underneath the dress.

It must look just as good on the inside as it does on the outside.

This is what it looks like on the outside. Lily will be wearing the dress to church on Sunday so I’ll have a picture of her in it. Anticipation. I just can’t wait, but I will.

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