It’s About Time

It’s about time that I finish this dress for Lily. I started making it last summer with the anticipation of her wearing it with her pretty brown strapless sandals. The dress is still here waiting on me, but the sandals are about ready to be tossed in the trash because she has worn them to the point of the straps coming apart from the shoe. They were really cute sandals and they would have been even cuter worn with this dress.

The pins have even managed to stay in place keeping the fabric together just waiting for me to sew a few more stitches. I made the dress one size larger than it needed to be so she could get two years of wear out of it. Well, if I don’t finish it this year, then she will not get any years of wear.

My signature top-stitching is always to be found. Although this is a dress, it did not escape the top-stitching. Not too many pieces of clothing, no matter how dressy or fancy, manage to escape my need to top-stitch. I think that urge came about long ago when I use to make my jeans. Yes, I actually use to make my jeans. The pattern was a designer Vogue pattern. I made some pretty good looking jeans and ohhhhhh the top-stitching.

Well, back to this dress. I guess I’ll go ahead and finish it so she can wear it before the winter chill begins.

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4 Responses to “It’s About Time”

  • Comment from LisaRose

    What very pretty material. She is a lucky girl to have such a talented mother.


    I totally love the material. Thank you for the compliment. Now, all I have to do is finish the dress.

  • Comment from Cherie

    So cute! And way to pick it back up! I’m trying to get back to sewing as well…. It’s not my greatest skill, but I’m desperately trying to make it a strength! I wish we were closer so I could get some sewing advice AND have a running partner! I hope your day is wonderful :-)

  • Comment from Jamie B.

    The pattern and colors of that fabric are really nice! I have several unfinished projects like this. Hope we get to see pics of Lily in her new dress soon!

  • Comment from Jennifer

    That looks cute. Maybe she can pair it with a long sleeve shirt for cold weather and wear it a little longer, too.

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