Ya’ll Invited to a Hoe Down

Ya’ll welcome to come to a hoe-down. I guess I should probably rephrase that for one because although I live in Tennessee, I don’t talk like that and for another, I am going to need more than a hoe to get this work done. Would you like to come to a “weed dig?” The reason I ask is because right now, my working area looks like this and before I start planting anything whether it be seeds or potted plants, somebody is going to have to dig up all of these weeds.

Hmm! I thought looking at it from a different angle would make it look a little better, but I don’t think it’s working. I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me. This area hasn’t always looked this bad.

In fact, last year when I planted my herb garden, it looked “right nice” after an afternoon of digging and pulling and digging a little more. I was able to see a lot of dirt and I even picked out the small stray green pieces of stuff that always seem to hang around reminding you that its relatives will be growing back in just a few “minutes.”

In the midst of all of this green are some viable plants (and probably some of the crop from last year), but the novice gardener in me was a bit confused and couldn’t figure one weed plant from another until…

I spotted this.

Along with the herbs I planted last year, I also planted blueberries because I absolutely love them and can’t wait to make some more of these muffins because they are so darn good. Seeing this growth is all I need to motivate me to get started with my digging and weeding. I think I am going to stick with what I know and do another planting season with herbs and if my blueberries return, then I’ll be one happy chick. After all, when you have neighbors like these, then I get to sit back and enjoy their overflow.

Last year, the children got to choose some plants to grow. Each one had a great time caring for their plant. This year, we plan to choose a few plants and start some seeds because they have never had the experience of caring for a plant from seed to bud to leaf.

Ah, the invitation still stands if you want to help me weed. I’ll even feed ya’ well. My kids work hard so it might be a good time for all.

There is nothing better than a challenge and I am participating in the HSV Garden Challenge as I weed and nurture my garden. If you don’t mind getting a little soil under your fingernails and a few rocks in your shoes, then join in the fun and grow a little something in your yard (or on your window sill).

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7 Responses to “Ya’ll Invited to a Hoe Down”

  • Comment from Mary

    Happy Gardening…. looks like you have a lot to work with. I’m enjoying reading all of the gardening posts today!


  • Comment from Stef @ The HSV

    How fun — my son loves going to the nursery and picking out plants! Cracking up laughing though – “a different angle would make it look better”. I love the as is photos !! You should see my pile of dirt & weeds!!

    Thanks for linking up with us today!

    Next link up is April 28th 10am EST

  • I totally need a “hoe down” – well, at least once a week! I’m jealous of the blueberries!

    Lana @ ilovemy5kids

  • Comment from Rana

    You have your work cut out for you. Unfortunately the other angle doesn’t make it look any better. I’ll come help with yours if you come help with my weeds.

    I think this year we are going to do containers for our garden. I’m heading over to check out that challenge.

  • Comment from Zonnah

    Good thing you spotted your blueberries! I have a bit of digging to do as well, boy is it a good workout!

  • Comment from Janelle

    I’m intrigued by this garden challenge. Love to look at the spaces others use. Here in WI we can’t plant in the ground until after Mother’s Day. I’ve always wanted to try growing blueberries … maybe I’ll try them in a container this year.

  • Comment from Mozi Esmes Mom

    Let me know if your hoe-down invitation gets any takers! I might try such an invitation myself… :)

    I like the idea of letting the kids pick a plant to take care of.

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