Sewing Up Some Loose Ends

These pants have been hanging around since, well, I think it has been since last year. It all started during a weekend sewing frenzy. I felt like making something and I figured I would whip up some flannel pants for everyone because it was cold. If I had stayed on track, then I would have finished everything that weekend, but of course, I got distracted with that project. I got distracted just as I did after I started this project. That happens to me a lot.

Since spring is coming – really, really it is – I figured I better go ahead and finish these pants before spring came, summer passed, and everyone outgrew them. I finished mine earlier this year and I have been loving the feel of them ever since that day. It has been nice having a pair of warm pajamas to get into every evening.

There! See, that wasn’t so hard. All I had to do was just do it and now they’re finished. Since I originally only bought fabric for pajamas for Canyon, Canyon is wearing the bottoms and I used the fabric that would have been his top to make a pair of shorts for River. He didn’t need longs like the rest of us. River is my child who would wear shorts in a snow storm if I let him.

Lily’s pants are made out of a remnant I bought hoping it would be enough fabric to make something out of it. I liked the message and knew it would be cute on her whatever I had enough fabric to make. After sorting through patterns, I finally found one where the pants would be longs and not bell bottoms. Canyon’s, Lily’s, and my (even after several washings) pants all almost drag the floor in length. I like warm pajama pants like that.

Oh yeah! I think they’re really going to enjoy them maybe into early summer too.

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