I Still Flinch

Sometimes it happens and I’m not even sitting at the sewing machine. I flinch. It doesn’t happen as much as it did a few months ago, but memories of the accident occasionally make sitting down to sew less appealing. Don’t worry. I haven’t given of the art of sewing because it is in my blood.

When I do muster up enough courage to sit down and thread the needle, I find myself being more conscious of my hands and fingers (especially my thumbs) and a little more careful about only placing my foot on the pedal when I am ready to sew and my eyes are on the needle, which I guess are good things.

This is my new project. It is a dress for Lily. She and her brothers are performing in the Christmas concert at our church this weekend and she hasn’t a thing to wear, at least not anything Christmas-like. The Christmas concert is the night after a 3-day run of the play she and River are performing in, which opens tonight. We have a busy few days ahead of us.

I am making this one. The dress is simple enough, but as with most of my projects, I am working under a time crunch. Why I always seem to do this to myself, I just don’t know. That is what got me in trouble the last time.

While looking for something “Christmassy” that didn’t have wreaths, holy, or plaid (because I didn’t feel like matching anything) on it, this piece caught my eye and it happened more than once. When I first spotted it, I liked it, but knew it would be too thin for a winter dress because it is cold here so, I passed it by. On my second or maybe third round of searching through the store for that perfect fabric piece, I saw it again and my mother-in-law agreed. She even bought the fabric for me so, now I really have to make the dress.

I also found this piece, which I almost bought. Even though it doesn’t necessarily scream cute dress, I like it! When it comes to fabric selections, at times I can be a little bit non-traditional. I’ve made a few skirts out of upholstery fabric just because I really liked the print. I am going to hang onto this piece and match it up the next time I am in the store. If it is still there, then I will take that as a sign and buy it. I’ll know it was meant for me.

I am going to spend the next few days working through my “flinching issues” so my little girl will have a pretty dress to wear. I think I will make it through, so no worries. My motivation for healing will be the thoughts of all of the spring and summer clothes I have plans to make for next year.

Has fear ever held you back from something you love to do? How did you work through your issues?

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