A Little Red, a Little White, and a Little Blue

red, white, and blue

red, white, and blue

These outfits (shirts and dress) have been on my mind since May when I originally bought the fabric. I’m not much of a holiday (outfits for particular holidays) kind of seamstress, but I walked in the fabric store, spotted these fabrics, and all of a sudden felt an intense desire to show my patriotic self and include my children.

red, white, and blue

Much hard work and a whole lot like my finger was having a baby kind of pain of pain, caused by embedding a sewing machine needle into my thumb (read about it here), went into the making of these outfits but it was all worth it.

red, white, and blue

Each of them had smiles on their faces when I gave them their new clothing. I think I better go ahead and start working on their Christmas outfits because it may take me from now until then to get motivated just to start. Plus, I also enjoy seeing those cute little smiles on their faces.

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3 Responses to “A Little Red, a Little White, and a Little Blue”

  • Comment from Shawon

    Despite your injury, OUCH, the outfits are adorable! I have a few projects to work on myself, and you’ve definitely embedded in my mind not to sew when tired:)

  • Comment from Keya

    I think they are wonderful. Excellent job.

  • Comment from Rana

    You did a beautiful job on these outfits. They look great. Even with a numb thumb.

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