Oh So Very Good

fresh herbs

Well, I’ve done it again. I hit our local co-op and I did it. I couldn’t let another summer pass by without at least trying once again to grow my own herbs. My only hope is to not have a repeat of last year.

fresh oregano

What got me going was my new cooking routine. After deciding which recipes I was going to whip up for next week, my list of required herbs grew. There was a Greek salad (I’ll share later) recipe on the menu that I had made before and I knew dried oregano was not going to do.

fresh herbs

If I have a choice, then I always prefer to use fresh herbs over dried. Fresh herbs just look better, smell better, and taste oh so very good.


I know they’re not herbs, but blueberries also taste oh so very good. The only problem is, I’ll have to wait until next season.

Do you have a favorite herb you like to smell, eat, or grow?

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One Response to “Oh So Very Good”

  • Comment from Misty

    There is nothing better to me than the smell of fresh basil. I will use it all summer on EVERYTHING! I even make my grilled cheese sandwiches with it. I put in mozzarella and fresh basil and tomato. Then I cook it up in the skillet. To me that is summer. YUMMY!

    I too love the smell of fresh basil. It is also the one herb that makes me think I’m just a great gardener because it grows and grows like crazy, almost like rosemary. I like grilled cheese sandwiches, but haven’t been so daring like that. I think I’ll have to try that combination.

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