We Do-It-Ourselves

ironing board

Ironing isn’t the first thing I would ever choose to do. The only problem is that I have a really difficult time sending my children out or watching as Darling D leaves the house with wrinkled clothing. Just like a car that looses it value once it’s driven off the lot, I know clothing is going to get wrinkled once it’s taken off of the hanger that I just put it on after ironing.


My sister, who leads a more less uptight/rigid relaxed life than mine, tried to teach me the art of iron-free living. She follows the “unravel-wear-go-fall out (wrinkles that is)” mantra. I lived that way for a while and it was a lot easier to do before I had a husband and children. On me, I wasn’t able to see the wrinkles and whether or not they ever fell out later on in the day. On Darling D and my children, I saw the wrinkles. Most of them did fall out, but I had to wonder what kind of wife or mother was I who would let her family out of the front or back doors with wrinkled clothing.

ironing board

My ironing board is oddly shaped, but very sturdy, and wide enough to iron the full back of a shirt.

repairing ironing board cover

The cover on my board has needed replacing for quite a while and my continued efforts to find a replacement cover have not been successful. Tired of the long search, I opted for a quick fix and bought a new board, new cover, and spare cover to prevent having to go through the same search in the future.

bias tape

The quick fix didn’t work. The new board was not as wide as I liked and it was not as sturdy as I was use to. Some things are just not made as well as they use to be. I’m not surprised because I’ve known all along what I have needed to do.

cutting new ironing board cover

Since I have pulled out my sewing machine, my list of projects has grown from just a few to one that has me busy for the next few months. There are the curtains, the bed accents, the napkins, and the pillows and so much more to be made. I’m really looking forward to the spring and summer dresses I’ll make for Lily and me. That is the fun do-it-ourselves I’m looking forward to.

sewing bias tape

Before the real fun begins, I have a few maintenance items that need to be completed around the house. A few buttons to sew on, a few zippers to replace, and an ironing board cover to make.


I have accepted that we are a do-it-yourself household. If we can’t find it in a store (or even if we can), can make it better or more affordably, or just want a challenge to accomplish, then that is where we will be. If it involves wood, tile, sheet rock, etc, then Darling D can handle it.

ironing board cover

You’ll find me standing right beside him handling all things fabric. Darling D and I make a great team.

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2 Responses to “We Do-It-Ourselves”

  • Comment from Rana

    I hate to iron, it is not one of my favorite things to do. I try to pull the clothes out of the dryer and fold them at once or hang them up as soon as possible. If it means being a bit wrinkled so I don’t have to iron you bet we will be wrinkled.

    I love the new pictures up on your blog.


  • Comment from Delinda Lea

    Such a delightful project. I have an antique board that I use for quilting and haven’t been able to find a cover for it … now I’ll get the joy of choosing my own fabric and making one myself. Thank you so much for sharing!

    Blessings, Delinda Lea

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