Recycling a Smile

These sweat pants have been haunting me for years. They were Rivers and became one of the few hand me downs Canyon was able to use. After more than two years worth of wear by River, of his own clothing, there is usually nothing left for Canyon to use by the time he’s the right size for the fit.

If you notice the right leg, it has a hole in the knee that has resulted from hours of truck and car playing on hardwood floors, carpet, tile, concrete, and even dirt; the normal wear and tear. I really hate throwing any piece of clothing away just because of a worn hole. The only exception is when is comes to socks. I have a deep dislike for any part of my foot peeking through a hole when it should be in the comfort of a warm sock.

With the exception of the hole, these sweat pants are in reasonably good shape, still have the elastic in tact, and are one of the few pair of pants Canyon has that stay up on his waist without a belt.

As I mentioned before, I’ve been wanting desperately to start back at sewing and this looked like the opportune time to ease into it without having to start from scratch. I did a little measuring and marked off my cutting lines.

Cutting is always fun. It makes me feel like I’m actually doing something towards reaching the finished product unlike marking and pinning which sometimes seams (couldn’t resist) seems like a waste of time.

I guess I could have let it go like this, but I’m a very meticulous seamstress and don’t care for raw edges on the bottom of clothing.

Actually, I just prefer making more work for myself. Why take the quick and easy route when more adventure can be had with more detail?

No matter what you read or what anyone else says, ironing as you go while sewing ISN’T overrated. If you don’t iron, then try making an item and iron it as you go or if you do iron, then trying making an item without ironing anything as you go and see what you get.

Please don’t tell anyone, but I’m a topstitching freak. Whenever I make a pair of pants, shorts, top, etc., I get this really strong urge to topstitch. This feeling even has even come over me in the past while making skirts and dresses, and sometimes even formal wear. When it comes to those, I somehow manage to control myself and don’t often mix satin and topstitching.

I really love seeing this smile over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

Just like a kid to burst your bubble. I pulled the sewing machine out again and fixed this hole. Yes, of course I knew it was there, but I was hoping nobody would notice. I’ve been putting off repairing that too.

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3 Responses to “Recycling a Smile”

  • Comment from Cat

    Wow, you did a fabulous job. You’d hate to see the results I would get with a project like that. The one thing I’d really love to learn, other than photography, is how to properly sew.

  • Comment from Milk & Honey Mommy


    Thanks Cat. I’m with you on the photography. I’ve got a great camera and all I know how to do is point and shoot. As far as the sewing, I really enjoy it and will be teaching my children sometime this school year. At the least, I can’t have them growing up and leaving the house without knowing how to sew on a button.

  • LOL!

    Love that smile. Your family is so beautiful.

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