Hallelujah – I Finished

I finally realized that it isn’t a fact that I don’t like making costumes. It also isn’t a fact that I was feeling pressure as a mommy who knows how to sew, that I should be making costumes from scratch – being a little more creative – repurposing something, for all three of my children.

What it really came down to is that I waited until not only the last month, or the last week, but the last few days before the annual Hallelujah Festival at our church to get a clue and realize I was winding down to the zero hours for starting, working on, and completing costumes for the children.

Creative – So far, each year, Lily has made it easy for me. She always wants to be a princess. Grabbing a ready-made, pretty dress out of the closet is so easy. I did get a little more crafty this year and made her this princess crown to go with her white dress.

Repurposing – As late as Thursday afternoon, Canyon was going to be Lightning McQueen, then a cowboy, then something else that I can’t quite remember. While searching through an unpacked box, I found River’s old raincoat and it was then that I decided we needed at least one costume that spoke of the future and fellow service to man; a fireman. He’s worn that coat everywhere we’ve gone since I found it.

Scratch – River taught me that as children grow older, their costume desires are not as simple as they used to be when they were younger. He started off wanting to be a Clone Warrior, but we were able to compromise and a Ninja he is. The costume looked a bit overwhelming to make, which tends to happen when time isn’t on your side, but I was able to sew it together in the little time I had.

I even stirred up enough inspiration (I have absolutely no idea where it came from) to make these bags, which I totally forgot about until River reminded me of them three hours before we were to walk out of the door. For some reason, I work better under pressure. I get the work done, but there has got to be a better way. There is always next year. I’ll start thinking about their costumes for next year in January. I guess what really matters is when I start making them.

Hallelujah (I finished – yippee. yahoo, yowzee) Festival was exciting and a lot of fun. People from our town and surrounding areas attend every year. I’m already looking forward to next year.

River has an arm on him. He nearly knocked over the display on the milk bottles game with his fierce throwing. I guess I better get that boy back on the baseball field.

She may be a princess and have on a pretty white dress, but look out because she can aim and is “mean” with a gun. Just think Princess Leia who didn’t take mess from anyone.

Canyon was a little more mild with his throwing. I think he was still just trying to take everything in.

This was just a pit stop in between playing games, winning candy, and bouncing in the jump houses. I wasn’t too far behind them on the candy. After the festival shut down, I raided (w/permission) the remaining candy baskets and loaded up on MilkyWays. You can never have too many of those.

My little rough and tumble girl. I can put her in a dress, place a crown on her head, and she’ll still be a lover of spiders.

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3 Responses to “Hallelujah – I Finished”

  • Comment from Rana

    Way to go last minute mom. They all look very cute in their costumes. My mom was the same way. Always had a plan but never put it into action until the last minute. She was sewing my veil just hours before my wedding. All that really matters is that your kids know you love them enough to spend the time making them something special.

  • Comment from Keya

    Great job. Your children’s names are beautiful & so are they.

  • Comment from Cat

    You’ve officially becoming my mom hero. I continue to be amazed by your skills. The costumes all turned out fabulous!

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