Groovy Green Giveaways

I love to win! I mean who doesn’t? If they tell you they don’t, then they’re really just trying win another prize: The One Who Doesn’t Really Care, When They Really Do prize. I especially like to win eco-friendly prizes because my lifestyle leans more towards that way. I also have a particular liking for handmade items because they are made with special care. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against mass production since Target is one of my favortite places to hang out, but will take a one of a kind made item anyday.

Every Sunday, I share a list of Groovy Green Giveaways being offered in the Blogosphere. Most of these are contests in which I entered and thought some of you would like to know are out there too. If you have a green, natural, or handmade giveaway on your blog/site and would like to share it here, then E-mail me at milkandhoneymommy(at)gmail(dot)com by the Friday before each Sunday posting. I would love to list it and would probably be overjoyed to win it too (ahh, that’s a hint!)!


Green and Natural
10/18 Amber Jewelry
10/13 Candles Made from Soy
10/6 Delicae Gourmet $25 Gift Certificate
10/7 Ecotronic Eco Mic Toy
10/15 Green is Black Hemp/Silk Blouse
10/8 Helen’s Kitchen Organic Meals
10/9 KOA Organic t-Shirt
10/18 Lady Lait Eve nursing Gown
10/13 Livie & Luca Shoes Baby or Toddler Shoes
10/7 Lola & Ben $75 Gift Certificate
10/13 Mermaid’s Purse Spa Pack
10/13 My Bump $50 Gift Ceritificate
10/12 Nature Valley Granola Nut Clusters Snack Pack
10/13 Outfit Additions $50 Gift Certificate
10/14 Soy Delites Tealights
10/12 Yes to Carrots Lip Glosses and Tints
10/9 UPrinting Custom Greeting Cards (250ct)
10/7 Wee Gallery Woodland Art Cards

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