Groovy Green Giveaways


I love to win! I mean who doesn’t? If they tell you they don’t, then they’re really just trying win another prize: The One Who Doesn’t Really Care, When They Really Do prize. I especially like to win eco-friendly prizes because my lifestyle leans more towards that way. I also have a particular liking for handmade items because they are made with special care. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against mass production since Target is one of my favortite places to hang out, but will take a one of a kind made item anyday.

Every Sunday, I share a list of Groovy Green Giveaways being offered in the Blogosphere. Most of these are contests in which I entered and thought some of you would like to know are out there too. If you have a green, natural, or handmade giveaway on your blog/site and would like to share it here, then E-mail me at milkandhoneymommy(at)gmail(dot)com by the Friday before each Sunday posting. I would love to list it and would probably be overjoyed to win it too (ahh, that’s a hint!)!


Green and Natural
6/24 Chickadee Organic Coffee
today Chiquita Frozen Smoothies
7/8 Glee Gum
6/18 Immaculate Baking Company
6/16 Happy Baby Baby Food
6/26 Karma Organic Spa Nail Polish
6/21 Kiss My Face Lip Shimmers
6/18 Lazy Environmentalist on a Budget
6/22 Living Clay $40 Gift Certificate
6/18 Nalgene Water Bottle
6/18 Peter Rabbit Organics Fruit Pouches
6/30 Piggy Paint Gift Certificate
6/30 Plum Organics Snacks
6/25 Rare Naturals Toning Cleanser
6/19 She Essential Beauty Lavendar-Lemingrass Sugar Scrub
6/15 ShooShoos pair of Shoes
6/22 Stainless Steel Water Bottle Set

today Boutique NRF Y applique T-shirt or onsie
7/1 Lilly Gulch Gift Basket
6/18 Luna Bag
6/17 Tiny Star Couture Hair Clip

be groovy, be green    

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