Go Orange?

If you are a Tennessean, then you probably already bleed orange. Well, with what is left in the month of April, Volunteer fan or not, orange may soon become your favorite color too. April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month, which the ASPCA kicked off earlier this month with buildings and landmarks across America, including the Empire State Building and Graceland, going orange to start off the celebration and showing their support.

As a pet owner many times during my lifetime, I cherish the memories of my furry loved ones and the thought of anyone causing them harm would break my heart. Although all states have a law against animal cruelty, there are only 45 states* in which felony-level penalties apply for people convicted of such crimes. Currently, Arizona has the highest maximum fine of $150,000 while Louisiana and Alabama have the longest maximum jail time which is up to ten (10) years. If the thought of hurting an innocent animal isn’t enough to stop someone in their tracks, then I guess a reduction in their bank account and cutting off their freedom may do the job.

The ASPCA, a privately funded 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, has been fighting for animal rights for more than 100 years and continues their efforts this month. Even though many of the events have ended, you can still show your support and continue bringing awareness to the cause by sharing the efforts of the ASPCA with others. Another option is making a donation and becoming a member of this animal lovin’ organization.

Go Orange! and show your support for your fellow “family” members, “friends,” and distant “relatives” that are not always able to speak up for themselves. Although I’m no longer a pet owner, I do have two furry cousins who live with my aunt and I’m sure they would thank you if they could.

*Humane Society of the United States


Here is a picture of my “daughter” Martha.

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